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Swiss Companies emulate UK’s Motorsport Valley




Many Swiss engineering firms have sprung up around the Sauber F1 team. The surprising and history making thing happened on 10th of June last year. It is when Swiss city of Zurich hosted the Formula E championship.

Motor racing was illegal in Switzerland since 1955. There was a sports accident in Le Mans that killed 83 spectators in 1955. Since then, government banned motor racing around circuits. But in 2015, the ban was lifted for just fully electric vehicles. But in 2018, The Formula E took place in Zurich. And a motor event took place after 60 years in Switzerland.

Even though the sports did not come to the country till 2018, the country is very much involved in motorsport. And it is well known for precision engineering it often requires. Geneva is home to the administrative headquarters of motorsport’s governing body and the F1 Team Sauber. It is one of the only teams based out of UK.

Uk has most number of F1 Teams. And the motorsport sector is a huge success in the British engineering, specially with the Swiss machined parts and manufacturing. There are around 4300 companies based around the Midlands and Oxfordshire that are into this business. And it is known as the Motorsport Valley.

The Motorsport Valley employs 45,000 people, and 25000 out of those workers are engineers. And the estimated sales of the Motorsport Valley was around 10 Billion pounds back in 2017, and 87% of it was exports.

Many countries including Switzerland seem interested in partnering up with Motorsport Valley. The ambassador of UK, Alexandre Fasel said – “The vector of motorsport can be used to develop business opportunities. It happens in Motorsport Valley in the UK, and it happens in Switzerland except it does not see itself as a ‘valley’ yet.”

“We want to team up with UK companies, to penetrate the markets and commercialise IP in areas such as lightweight structures, electrification, autonomous and connected vehicles, and the use of data.”

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Why Todd Graves Is Driven To Innovate Golfing Techniques and Inspire Future Athletes




When you look up the history of sports and how it changed over the years, you will find several influential public figures and athletes’ names at the top of unique inventions. After all, those who play the sport, also know what could improve and popularize it. Todd Graves is one of those individuals with a passion for golf and sports innovation.

He is an innovative thought leader and business expert with nearly 50 years of experience in the golf community. He practiced golf under the training and guidance of Murray “Moe” Norman, the world-renowned PGA golfer of the 20th Century. Norman was one of the most influential figures in the golf community with his unique techniques and innovative methods to approach the game.

His contributions and golf skills earned him the nickname of “Pipeline Moe”, mainly for his unmatched ability to hit one straight shot after another with the slightest deviation in the ball’s trajectory. As his protégé, Todd Graves vowed to be among the leading sports personalities and innovators in the golf space. He worked on the single-plane swing technique modeled by his mentor, Moe Norman over his professional career.

It is a technique that helps a golfer reduce strain on the lower back while increasing the consistency and frequency of making a solid impact with the ball. Before, it was limited in practice to highly experienced golfers with immense knowledge of kinetic movements and swinging techniques. Today, Todd Graves’ contributions have enabled the wide use and adoption of the single-plane swing method in the global golf community.

The pro golfer believes that innovation is a key component of progress and without progress, humanity could come to a standstill. Whether it is progress in the personal, professional, or sports world, every great athlete should strive for it and reach their maximum potential, according to Todd Graves. To bring new knowledge to a wider audience around the world, he recently partnered with Barry Morrow, who is a famous American screenwriter and film producer credited with co-writing the screenplay for the movie Rain Main (1988).

Graves partnered with Oscar-winning Barry Morrow to create a documentary on the life and achievements of the great pro golfer, Moe Norman. Through the documentary, Todd wishes to inspire athletes and motivate golfers to bring innovation to their gameplay. Todd Graves shares his drive for bringing innovation and catalyzing change in the sports world with aspiring athletes, pro golfers, and students.

Graves’s inspiration comes from his dedication to the advancement of sports science. He spent a better part of his career with kinesiology experts and sports scientists to discover intricate details involved in various physical activities, also including golf. He identified potential risk injuries, analyzed their occurrences, and gathered factual data with the help of scientists.

He aims to portray actual findings in his upcoming documentary and inspire young athletes to be more than participants in national and international competitions. Todd Graves stands as one of the most influential and inspirational figures in the golf community and has earned association with several famous personalities including Ben Hago, and Tiger Woods, among others.

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