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Talking with Five Time Bestselling Author Mark Donahue




It is a simple fact that all five of Mark Donahue’s books have hit the bestseller list this year. His latest book ‘Answer Man’ has created a stir in the Science Fiction world, giving readers a very human, intergalactic adventure, with a thrilling plotline and intriguing characters.

For centuries this inter-galactic alliance has been protecting us when meteors have headed our way. But the guys from the other planets have decided they are not going to save us this time–they are going to let us get smashed to dust and give Earth a fresh start.

David pleads with his bosses for a last chance for the Big Blue Marble, and if you want to find out what happens next we suggest picking up this thrilling read, which is destined to be a classic for years to come. We had questions for this brilliant writer, and recently Donahue agreed to chat with us about aliens, his work, and what’s next.

‘Answer Man’ is a fabulous book which is about the earth heading for annihilation, and a lone alien, and seven strangers trying to save the world. What is the backstory for the writing of this epic and gripping tale?

I wrote ‘Answer Man’ not as a simple “end of the world” story, but rather a story about all the things man does not know about the universe, afterlife, and even the gods we worship on Earth.

David, your protagonist, wants to help save humanity, and the earth. Who or what was the inspiration for this character.

David is very much like us, except he is from another planet. He also knows many things we would like to know. Many of the things he knows as truth we can’t or won’t accept. That leads to problems. Big problems, especially when an asteroid threatens all life on Earth.

Is this is your first experience writing in the Sci-Fi genre? Have you always been a Sci-Fi fan?

I like Rod Serling (Twilight Zone type) sci-fi I like it subtle, understated, and thoughtful. I enjoy sci-fi but ascribe to a less is more approach. I will write more. 

If it really was the end of the world, what would you want to do before disaster struck?

Have dinner with my family and closest friends. End of the world dinners should be mandatory…and fattening.

Has writing this book changed your worldview at all?

Not changed my worldview but provided me a platform to present some possible answers to questions we all have.

To check out ‘Answer Man’ and find out more about Mark Donahue head over to Amazon.

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