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Tefal IXEO QT1020 Offers both All-in-One Ironing and Steaming Options




RUMILLY – Tefal has launched all-in-one iron and garment steamer for the first time to keep clothes crease-free in an easy manner. The company has kept Tefal IXEO QT 1020 price very much reasonable and it is available at Euro 290 which is cheaper than purchasing both iron and steamer separately. In this, there is no need for a separate ironing board to use as it has an in-built ‘Smart Board’. With the availability of an adjustable, in-built ironing board in it which one could easily adjust vertically for steaming and positioned horizontally for traditional ironing.

To iron clothes, you need to flip the board down to place it in a horizontal position. And to use for the purpose of steaming clothes, clip the clothes directly to the upright board and press the steam-boost button for steaming. It uses a separate one-liter water tank as is the case with steam generator iron. With the use of ‘one temperature’ technology, it facilitates ironing on all types of fabrics and there is no need to adjust the temperature while ironing. Most of the steam iron companies offer this ‘one temperature technology’ suitable for all types of fabrics. IronsExpert UK is one such website where you can find out more about such companies and their irons.

But in some of these irons, the soleplate is small in comparison to other irons which is why it takes a longer time to cover the same area. Also, the water-spray function is missing and the water tank is not that impressive as is the case in other steamers. In the case of crumpled laundry, irons are suitable in comparison to steamers. For all the clothes which are occasionally bulky, then Tefal IXEO QT 1020 would serve the purpose. It is possible to steam clothes just by hanging them with hangers. Apart from the feature of “one temperature technology,” it is easy and quick to iron clothes using this appliance.

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How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Smartphone For You




Most people buy their smartphones for various reasons. Some want a smartphone for calls and messaging and for social media use. Others take the camera’s specs and the quality into consideration, as they want their smartphone for photography and videography use, primarily. On the other hand, a lot of people use their smartphones to play mobile games.

The term “gaming” when it comes to smartphones does not have a constant definition. It could mean playing games from the most casual of levels such as playing fun games to pass the time to play games as a form of entertainment and with real money involved (usually through online casino apps under licensed operators with fast payouts), to playing competitive games with graphics and gameplay mechanics.

Technically speaking, all smartphones can be considered gaming smartphones. The only difference that makes people differ in the decision on which smartphone to take is in the level of gaming the smartphone can handle. Some can only handle the most basic and simplest apps and games, while other smartphones that are built specifically for heavier gaming, and some are built dedicated to gaming itself.

Depending on the kind of gamer that you are, here are the best tips in getting the perfect gaming smartphone for you.

The Casual Gamer

Are you simply playing mobile games to help pass the time? If you are just into playing mobile games such as the likes of “Candy Crush,” “Temple Run,” or other puzzle games? If your answer is yes, then you are a simple casual gamer.

For you, any smartphone will do. Even entry-level models have a decent chipset and at least 2 to 3GB worth of RAM and at least 32 GB of internal storage. These basic specs should get you through the most casual of gaming. The size and the quality of your display do not matter much. Even the built-in GPUB of your device is not something that you should worry about for this level of gaming, as all GPUs on this level can handle the simplest and most basic games.

Just get any of the most popular entry-level smartphones, and you are all good to start with your casual gaming journey.

The Mid-level Gamer

This is for the gamer who loves playing games other than the casual one but does not put too much importance into having the “best” gaming experience on a smartphone. For example, they may be into game genres such as MOBA (or massive online battle arena), battle royale shooters, and online RPGs but are not that much inclined to have the best and highest settings when playing.

Since these games already require better CPU and GPU, it is always ideal for getting a smartphone sporting a MediaTek or Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that is not older than 2015. At least 4GB worth of RAM and 64GB of internal storage should have the phone smoothly handle the tasks of running the games you want to play. A bigger display is also ideal here, so you would make a good choice going for at least 6 inches screen size.

The Hard Gamer

If you are a hard gamer, then you are the kind of gamer that plays the top titles and the most popular genres in the best settings possible, and you want to have the best mobile gaming experience as possible. This means the best display quality with the highest refresh rate, the latest on chipset and GPU, and even the biggest RAM and internal storage available today.

For hard gamers, they can opt to go with most flagship or upper mid-range phones, or if they have the budget for it, special gaming phones that are made specifically for mobile gamers.

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