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The obsolescence of the chronicles and the decline in players’ interest in online games force developers to constantly release new patches, updates and events.

In each patch there are successful decisions and, on the contrary, controversial, not accepted by the players. The task of restarting the game is to take into account the positive and negative experiences and make a truly perfect MMO.

Wotlk Classic

The Lich king chronicles saw the peak of WoW’s popularity.

The patch brought a new class to the game, many raids and activities, and an expansion of professions.

The developers are pushing the release to September 26, and many players are waiting for the opportunity to go to wotlk classic boosting and conquer the server.

What awaits the players:

  • New playable class available from level 55 – death knight
  • General, max player level increased to 80
  • New continent Nordshole with 11 new zones to welcome adventurers
  • New raids including the Lich King with unique rewards.
  • Achievement system
  • Talent specialization
  • New profession

They will remove the automatic dungeon search familiar to many – the process has automated the selection of groups for passing raids, and the developers decided to return the game to the good old spirit of communication for the selection of like-minded people for farming.

Lich King will remain the best patch in terms of PVP and arena battles

Gradually, developers will introduce new patch content from the original version. September 26 should be the decisive day for the release of the expected update of the classic version of WoW

Lineage 2 Essence

A new look at Lineage, familiar to many.

Having overdone it in terms of hardcore with L2 classic, the developers decided to try to create a project from 0 again, but by simplifying many of the mechanics and taking the best from the old chronicles.

The chronicles of l2 were very divided – before and after the large-scale update.

NS Soft has almost completely abandoned the old game mechanics in favor of modern MMOs. Some players took the changes well, but most of the fans of the old line went to other semi-official.

Since the peak of the game fell on the old chronicles ts4, interlude and a little on the content of kamael, grace and highfive, when creating the remaster, the developers decided to take the main mechanics, buffs, hunting zones from the most popular chron7icles, supplementing them with successful solutions from patches after the grand update and significantly rendered the game.

The developers decided to make the gameplay as simple as possible on all versions of their game by adding automatic pumping.

The player chooses the skills that the character should use, or just auto-attack. The character starts to beat the monsters, independently switching to the next target. There are few settings and they are not flexible, so that the player does not turn the gameplay into a bot, but simply gain experience during breaks from the computer

Pumping has become easier, for the buff for which they used to gather in groups otherwise the monsters cannot be, now the character himself has skills.

The usual PVP content has returned, now there are more battles for hunting zones.

Expanded skills for support classes. Now the healer can level up on his own, and join groups only for large-scale monster hunting, killing bosses and sieges.

The developers do not lag behind WoW and added the Death Knight class to all versions and strengthened the summoners by adding new pets


The developers of two iconic MMO games of the last decade decided to give new life to previously popular patches for their games.

The paths chosen are different. WoW, went by updating the graphics engine and adding old, familiar mechanics. Focusing on the content of the Lich King and the PVP segment familiar to many.

L2 chose the path of recreating the old atmosphere of successful chronicles. Having returned the old pumping zones, successful game mechanics. Simplified game classes, ways of pumping, added a system for automatic experience gain. The game has become as casual as possible, with an attempt to get closer to the atmosphere of PVP and sieges – the main trump card of L2 over other MMOs.

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