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The Cannabis Liberalisation Landslide continues as Italy opens its doors to Medical Cannabis




Following the widespread acceptance of medical cannabis and CBD-based products in European countries, the regional government of Pescara in Italy has approved a new regulation for cannabis for therapeutic use. The attention of cannabis companies is shifting from the crowded North-American sector towards Europe. One such company is World High Life Plc (NEX:LIFE), which plans to become one of the main players in the European cannabis industry.

The regional government of Pescara, on the proposal of Councillor Nicoletta Verì, approved a resolution regulating the prescription and dispensing of medical preparations based on cannabinoids, which can be prescribed in pain therapy as a symptomatic support to standard treatments. The resolution amends and supplements the provisions of the previous commissioner’s decree of 2016. The measure not only transposes the new regulations that have been introduced in this area in recent years, but above all, regulates the application of the rules in all of Abruzzi, which until now had often adopted diverging management methods.

Following the adoption of the resolution, cannabinoid medicinal products for therapeutic use may be prescribed both by specialists of the regional health service operating in authorized centers, and by general practitioners on the basis of a therapeutic plan drawn up by a specialist doctor. The renewal of the prescription will be subject to a positive evaluation of effectiveness and safety by the prescribing physician, based on the individual variability of the response to treatment.

In the case of inpatient treatment, the hospital pharmacy is required to provide the preparations. Meanwhile, in the case of home therapy for the indications to be borne by the regional health service, the patient (who must always be provided with a medical prescription and a therapeutic plan) may apply to the hospital pharmacy of his local health authority.

Finally, for home therapy not covered by the regional health service, patients who have prescriptions may decide to obtain the drug directly from a pharmacy of their choice.

World High Life eyes promising investment opportunities in the European cannabis market

The untapped potential of Europe, the new frontier market, has attracted experienced cannabis companies that want to take advantage of these rich new opportunities. One such company is World High Life Plc (NEX:LIFE), which can leverage the experience achieved on the North-American cannabis markets and gain momentum in the fast-developing European sector.

World High Life is aiming to set itself at the forefront of the European cannabis industry, and has already made steady steps in that direction, by acquiring UK’s leading CBD company, Love Hemp Ltd.

WHL plans to expand its foothold by acquiring the most promising cannabis companies in the UK and other European countries that have a favorable legal framework towards medical cannabis, CBD and hemp-based products.

By utilizing the experience accumulated on the North American cannabis market, the UK-based investment company World High Life is laying the foundations of an empire.

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A lot of People are Seeking the Help of Family Law Solicitors to Fight for their Parenting Rights




A global survey has highlighted that a lot of couples are seeking the help of family law solicitors in order to fight for their parenting rights. In order to protect their child from the adverse effects of separation, couples are hiring family lawyers to solve their family matters in a hassle-free manner.

Due to the complex jargon of family laws, it becomes difficult for a common person to comprehend them in his own way. Hence, they simply hire family law solicitors to find a solution related to their parenting rights. Moreover, hiring a family law expert simply helps to provide a reliable solution in the interest of a child.

Many family law veterans have expressed that family law solicitors help a separating couple choose the best possible path for their future. In addition to this, family law firms provide optimal solutions to safeguard the interests of children in the case of a divorce. And the availability of online family law services has made it possible for everyone to enjoy such services in an easy manner.

Various family matters such as parenting law, property & finances, child custody, divorce, have been effectively handled by family law firms to state the right solutions for a given family matter. And the use of online marketing has made it possible for such law firms to reach their target audience with ease.

The awareness about family matters has increased among people due to the use of many technology means. And this is making it easier for them to choose the best legal service by comparing it with other services available online.

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