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The Growing Need of GIFs in Modern Culture




According to Influencer Marketing Hub, it has been estimated that more than about 70% of people, particularly millenniums, who live in the United States make use of use of stickers and GIFs when it comes to their daily online conversation. This goes to show just how popular these forms of communication have become in modern times- and there is a very good reason for that too.

GIFs, also short for Graphics Interchange Format, may seem like a new concept for most people. But in reality, what most of us don’t know is that GIFs have actually existed for around 30 years, from way back when it was introduced in 1987. And it is finally a matter of time when GIFs are finally gaining popularity in today’s fast-paced digital world.

GIFs Make Conversation Worth Enjoying

Animated images have become the promptest way for people to express their emotions more accurately, if not better.

Many social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram have integrated GIF search engines, allowing their online users to utilize GIFs to make their conversations much more interesting than words ever will be.

Showcases a Sense of Identity

Since GIFs carry pop culture references, we are open to choosing any reference we wish, which expresses our emotional response and represents our personal taste in pop culture.

This way, we have been able to create our identity online, and it has allowed us to meet with people who identify with these references and share similar tastes as us.

Aid in Promoting Events or Products

We have also witnessed that GIFs are the ideal tools you need to market your business online as it allows you to show a close up on products to meet the interest of their target audience.

Moreover, GIFs are also used to explain a complicated procedure- for example, if you are providing a service or a product with complex instructions, animated customized GIFs can help explain it step by step via its visual representation that highlights its best features for further attraction purposes.

Increasing Audience Retention

Jakob Nielsen stated that online users only tend to read about 28% of words that get published on a website. This means that people are more prone to avoiding written content and instead find more appeal in visual forms of the conveyed information.

Written information is often ignored so that the user does not overload themselves with information overload- which is why they can only remember less than half of the written portion, which is not accompanied by any visual images. Consequently, many marketers are now using GIFs in their strategies and publishing visual images to advertise companies and effectively capture their audience’s attention.

And to help out these marketers, many platforms( particularly Conversation Media platforms), are providing their unique set of products and services to help achieve this goal. Since Conversation Media is a father term used to describe every visual form of online communication such as stickers, GIFs, emojis, animojis, and avatars, they have been aiding various platforms by offering customization services and making use of it as a form of entertainment.

Furthermore, they are also known for advocating the appeal of visual communication forms and the importance of their role in modern culture.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Sara Zaimi Vies for Miss NJ Crown




The Miss NJ competition seeks a leader, a role model who inspires with both brains and heart. Enter Sara Zaimi, a trailblazing pharmacist with a Doctorate (PharmD) whose passion for women’s health and community empowerment burns brightly.

A brush with mortality at a young age – chest pain and a concerning blood test – ignited a fire in Sara. Witnessing the unwavering spirit of women battling cancer in the oncology ward solidified her desire to make a difference. It was her mother’s unwavering support, the way she held her hand through fear and doubt, that propelled Sara to answer that call. Overcoming self-doubt and depression, she embarked on a remarkable academic journey, graduating with her PharmD at the prestigious Rutgers University at the early age of 23, placing her among the top 10% of her class.

As a first-generation Algerian American, she’s a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. Her academic achievements, including valedictorian honors and consistent Dean’s List placements, stand as a testament. This translates further into her successful business, where she champions women’s health awareness. Her impact extends far beyond the pharmacy walls. Sara dedicates her time to NJ Sisterhood, empowering young women and inner-city communities. Her fluency in Spanish further highlights her commitment to inclusivity and understanding.

Driven by personal experience and empathy, Sara aims to leverage the Miss NJ platform to tackle critical women’s health issues. From early detection of breast cancer to advocating for increased resources, she seeks to empower women to take charge of their health. Her work with NJ Sisterhood complements this mission, focusing on projects that empower women and address their specific needs. Her advocacy includes promoting 3D areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors, a powerful example of how science and art can converge in the healing process.

Sara’s strength lies in the synergy of her diverse experiences. Her business acumen and her work with NJ Sisterhood position her to champion women’s health and community well-being on a grander stage. She envisions using the Miss NJ platform to create tangible change, increasing resources for those affected by breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

The demands of a successful business, active volunteer work with NJ Sisterhood, and the rigorous training for the Miss NJ competition require exceptional time management skills. Sara thrives under pressure, meticulously juggling her commitments without compromising on quality.

Her multifaceted personality, unwavering commitment to women’s health, and passion for community empowerment make her a strong contender for Miss NJ. She embodies the true spirit of the competition: a woman who is not just beautiful, but a force for good, inspiring young women to reach for their dreams and embrace their unique talents.

Follow Sara’s journey and learn more about her mission on Instagram: @pharminked_laser and @njsisterhood. Let’s cheer her on as she vies for the Miss NJ crown!

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