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The Horrifying Event That Drove Simon Tizon To Become A Well Known Celebrity Media Executive




One simple mistake in a football game can make a lot of difference in how the game ends.  One quick turnover can lead to a major setback. It is a fact this turnover will help you foresee if you won or lose. It is very similar with unpredictable occurrences that rise in moments we are blind sided. In any given moment we could lose everything.

Sadly, a rare dark moment rose on the road of a prospering Model, Simon Tizon.  In this one moment he made the wrong move and it scrambled him into rock bottom.  This was a scary reel of him being heavily assaulted in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 1st of July 2017. The scary reel, of him losing his left ear. Losing his ear, halting his Modeling career and feeling like his future was taken from him boiled into depression.  Missing an important body part took its toll on him. Couple months after the dark traumatic event, Simon was seen sleeping overnight in a nearby parking.

Nevertheless, the struggling moments that steered him poor converted him to a road better than he would not expect. He is now a successful man after founding his own PR company named Crushn Media. In addition to that, he was credited by Yahoo Finance as a “Top Entrepreneur to Watch in 2020”.

His hardships from his teenage years contributed so much strength to him. His persistence and perseverance prevailed during his downtimes. Along those three long years of being short of everything, he hustled and took advantage of the resources he accumulated with his past profession.

Synonymous with Bill Gates, Simon Tizon also did not get to wear a toga and walk up on stage. Who would have thought that those people who did not finish a degree in college would soar high in their chosen industries?

Moreover, Tizon’s outlook in life made him a very strong asset for his clients. Losing a part of your identity sometimes gives people the feeling of being incomplete. Yet, this man did not let this swollow his drive up.

Currently, Tizon has been working with lots of celebrities. He also experienced collaborating with his likes, those who grew up in poverty and he feels very productive and an efficient instrument by being a part of their lives. He has never been so captivated by any other career. Maybe the accident was really meant to uplift his spirit and get the fire inside him to radiate further.

Humble beginnings completely drive people to enjoy what they are doing. Simon Tizon has always been passionate about bringing out the best in every person. According to him, everyone is talented and their talents should be known by the world. He is aware that even  overlooked everyday people can be great personalities. It only takes one to believe in them.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Designing Secure Commercial Spaces Without Compromising Aesthetics




In the realm of commercial design, security and aesthetics often seem like opposing forces. Business owners and designers alike grapple with the challenge of creating spaces that not only captivate and inspire but also ensure the safety and security of assets and occupants. The good news is that integrating security features into commercial spaces without sacrificing visual appeal is entirely achievable. This blog post will delve into innovative design strategies that harmonise security with aesthetics, including a look at the best deadlocks for front doors in Australia, ensuring your commercial space is both beautiful and fortified.

Embracing Technology for Seamless Security

Modern technology offers a plethora of options for discreet yet effective security measures. For instance, advanced surveillance systems can be integrated into the architectural design in a way that they blend seamlessly with the environment. Smart locks and biometric access controls offer robust security without the clunky hardware, maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Implementing these technologies not only elevates the security level of your commercial space but does so without disrupting its design flow.

Strategic Use of Materials and Design Elements

The choice of materials and design elements plays a crucial role in balancing security and aesthetics. High-strength materials such as tempered or laminated glass, for example, offer excellent security without compromising on the visual openness that glass provides. Similarly, incorporating natural barriers like decorative boulders or planters can serve as subtle physical deterrents while enhancing the space’s visual appeal.

Lighting: A Dual-Purpose Tool

Lighting is another powerful tool that serves both aesthetic and security purposes. Well-planned lighting can highlight architectural features and create a welcoming atmosphere while ensuring visibility and deterring unauthorised access after hours. Motion-sensor lighting, in particular, can be a discreet addition that enhances security without detracting from the design.

The Role of Deadlocks in Aesthetic Security

A critical aspect of securing any commercial space is the choice of locks, especially for front doors which are the primary entry and exit points. Deadlocks offer a high level of security, making them an essential feature for commercial spaces. However, selecting the right deadlock doesn’t mean you have to settle for a utilitarian look. Today, the market offers a variety of deadlock designs that complement any aesthetic, from modern minimalist to classic elegance. For those in Australia, choosing the best deadlocks for front doors involves considering both the security features and how the lock’s design integrates with your commercial space’s overall look.

Collaboration Between Security Experts and Designers

Achieving a balance between security and aesthetics often requires a collaborative approach. Security experts and interior designers need to work hand in hand from the early stages of the design process. This collaboration ensures that security measures are not afterthoughts but are integrated into the design in a way that complements the space’s aesthetic appeal.

Ready to get started?

Designing secure commercial spaces without compromising aesthetics is not only possible but essential in today’s world. Remember, the goal is to integrate security seamlessly into the design, enhancing the user experience and ensuring peace of mind for both business owners and visitors. With thoughtful planning and collaboration, your commercial space can be a testament to the harmony that can exist between security and aesthetics.

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