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Top technological trends in the real estate sector and their impact




Technology is changing our lives, companies and public institutions. Today we can clearly say that our routines, processes, etc. are modified by machines, wearables, information technologies, etc.

New data and communication software propels us forward into the future, from the personal to the global scale. In the midst of it, some realities disappear, either because technology makes them have no place in our world or because they do not adapt to technology and are “out of the game.”

In the global context, we look towards what happens in other leading countries in the world. Whatever the extent of our radius of action, it is convenient for us to know other markets’ situation, at the same time as ours, and to know what trends or what changes of greater scope may affect us.

Companies in the real estate sector that use technology to improve or reinvent their services. More specifically, there is an incredible price difference in favor of the client when it comes to online agencies. In short, they give this type of good reason to the real estate disintermediation projects.

Real estate disintermediation, the direct deal between buyer and seller, or between landlord and tenant, can have a parallel in other platforms such as Uber, Cabify or Airbnb, to name just three names. A software, an electronic device and an Internet connection are the technological common denominator for all these platforms. Perhaps real estate disintermediation will be the next hurricane in this commercial sector. The next sector will be shaken almost to the ground, like the taxi or the hospitality industry.

And yet, the technology works for the professional and the client in real estate in several ways that are not disintermediation.

  • What does technology do today for an office or real estate company with physical headquarters, such as the real estate companies we know so far?
  • For what, or why, does a real estate client pay a commission?

These are two broad questions that are answered every day since they ask about the best way to develop our work in the case of professionals. For this reason, we do not intend to exhaust the answers on this page on a day like today, for example, what would we answer?

Regarding what technology does today for the professional and the client, we must undoubtedly highlight information technologies, through the Internet and software:

  • Information to the client through the Internet. In this area of ​​information, it is necessary to consider the high visual component that the digital medium allows, of static image (photographs) and dynamic (video).
  • Storage and management of information related to real estate.

Other technological services of interest are:

  • Online real estate reservations (think of real estate that is bought from banks or holiday homes).
  • Company-client communications through email and secure instant messaging applications.

On the other hand, other realities seem to be alien to technology, such as physically visiting the property or going to the notary to sign the deed of sale. There have been and will be those who choose to manage their real estate purchases and rentals themselves, the majority of those who go to the services of a real estate agency.

A primary example is Canada based real estate broker, Modern Solution Realty which specializes in digital practice of real estate, accelerated by the very best tools of technology. Modern Solution Realty has also allowed customers to pay staggeringly low commissions, a complete 2% for a full-service home-selling package and miminal commissions on selling homes.

Modern Solution Home-Selling Package includes the following features:

•        Full-Service MLS® System

•        FREE Home Staging Consultation

•        Professional photography, video clips

•        Walk-through Video Tour

•        Full-color brochures

•        Social media marketing on Facebook\Youtube\Instagram\Kijiji\ \Google\Twitter

•        Comprehensive Online presence

•        Advertised Open House

When it comes to selling their home, most people want a commercial real estate agent that they can not only trust but also get the highest possible price in the shortest time possible and with the fewest possible headaches during the process. 

  • Trust: Seller and buyer, benefit from the brand image and the trust that the real estate company has generated in the market. Technology allows transparency and more engaging content, which further fuels a party’s confidence.
  • Quality information: This means; you can have access to more content which can allow you to make up your mind. You can use videos, photos, and other forms of content that will help to have a clearer idea about real estate options. A very remarkable example is augmented reality and virtual reality, which is gradually taking place in the sector.
  • You are saving time: Because the real estate agent takes the steps of requesting the registry note, putting the two parties who will sign the contract in touch, contacting the president of the community of owners and the property administrator when necessary. This time saving also includes not having to file too much paperwork and making frequent visits. Documents can be provided and assessed online, and things can get going.
  • Financial advice: First regarding the price and then regarding the possibility of mortgages, rental assistance or expenses and charges attributable to the parties involved in the transaction. Determining the correct price is a decisive factor for a good sale, and in this area, as this economic crisis has taught us, the market commands a lot or almost everything. Knowledge of market prices is another main contribution of the real estate professional that will serve as guidance when setting the price, which the owner will always make.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Unleashing Deep Brain’s AI: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies




In the ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies, Deep Brain’s cutting-edge AI technology emerges as a game-changer, redefining how cryptocurrencies are marketed and perceived. As the crypto industry continues to gain momentum, the role of innovative technologies becomes increasingly crucial in establishing a competitive edge. Deep Brain’s AI not only streamlines marketing efforts but also revolutionizes the way cryptocurrency projects engage with their audience, fostering trust, and driving adoption.

The Dynamics of Cryptocurrency Marketing

Cryptocurrency marketing goes beyond conventional strategies due to the unique challenges of this industry. It demands an intricate blend of education, community building, and trust establishment. Deep Brain’s AI steps into this arena, offering a multifaceted approach to address the distinctive needs of crypto projects.

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Cryptocurrency adoption relies heavily on educating the public about blockchain technology and the specific features of each project. Deep Brain‘s AI, with its advanced video creation tools, empowers crypto projects to distill complex information into engaging and easily understandable content. This aids in demystifying the technology and building a knowledgeable user base.

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Targeted Engagement

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Deep Brain’s AI: Transforming Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

Dynamic Video Content

Deep Brain’s AI excels in producing dynamic video content tailored for cryptocurrency marketing. From explainer videos elucidating complex blockchain concepts to promotional content highlighting project features, the platform’s versatility empowers crypto projects to communicate effectively through the most engaging medium – video.

Personalized Messaging

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts vary in their levels of understanding and interests. Deep Brain’s AI allows crypto projects to personalize their messaging for different audience segments. Whether addressing seasoned investors or newcomers to the crypto space, customized content ensures that the message resonates effectively.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

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Navigating Challenges with Deep Brain’s AI

Regulatory Compliance

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Market Volatility Communication

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility. Deep Brain’s AI aids projects in creating timely and relevant content that addresses market fluctuations, providing clarity and reassurance to their community during turbulent times.

Security Messaging

Security is a paramount concern in the crypto industry. Deep Brain’s AI enables projects to communicate their security measures effectively, reassuring users about the safety of their investments and transactions.

The Future of AI in Cryptocurrency Marketing

AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

The future may witness the integration of AI-powered predictive analytics in cryptocurrency marketing. Deep Brain’s technology could evolve to analyze market trends and user behavior, providing valuable insights for crafting proactive marketing strategies.


The evolving landscape may demand even greater personalization in cryptocurrency marketing. Deep Brain’s AI could refine its capabilities to offer hyper-personalized content tailored to individual user preferences, driving more significant engagement.

AI-Driven Customer Support

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Conclusion: Deep Brain’s AI Paving the Way for Cryptocurrency Success

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