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UAE Shoppers are Enjoying the White, Yellow Friday Deals from Online Stores




Online shoppers in the UAE and Gulf are very excited after seeing the discount offers given on White Friday and Yellow Friday by the major online retailers including Amazon, Noon, Namshi and others. Amazon is looking more promotional about its products with White Friday while Noon is looking more promotional with Yellow Friday. Due to the Friday sales, discounts and promotions will run for one week.

According to RedSee Consulting, if shoppers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia would be more concerned about the deals offered by the online stores, then this month’s online sales can generate $360 million to $380 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). Last year from UAE and Saudi Arabia, $230 million to $250 million were generated in November.

Gross Merchandise Value is the way of measurement that is calculated by online stores like Amazon and Noon. It is a total value of products sold over a given period of time by online stores. The online retailers are giving discounts on many electronic and lifestyle products such as the iPhone 11 listed at 8 to 12 percent off the street price. And the few older models of iPhone are available with an impressive discount rate of 25-30 percent throughout the week.

Amazon and Noon Can Make 70% of Sales during the White Friday and Yellow Friday Sales

Amazon and Noon are the biggest retailers in UAE. Both are expecting to take in around 70 percent of overall sales during the promotions. They are offering impressive discounts. Noon Coupon code of PY is providing the extra 10% discount on every order in UAE, Saudi & Egypt.

It is allowing the buyers to make decisions on several products. Ronaldo Mouchaware, the Vice President at Amazon Mena, said that the company has set discounts that reach up to 70 percent on some consumer goods. Many new partners are joining the company to get exposure to their items through the sales. Amazon is offering 10 percent cash back on Visa offerings and 15 percent when payment is made through Visa cards from Emirates NBD.

Discounts Can Give Future Exposure to the Online Sales

Online retailers serving in the UAE are saying that everything depends upon the shoppers regarding what happens in the next seven days. If the shoppers would feel hesitant to buy, despite the given offers, then it can darken the online retail sector in UAE. But if the sales would be made according to the predictions, then approximately $360 million could be generated by the online retailers. And it can give future exposure to eCommerce sites in the Gulf countries.

Online Retailers are Raising Awareness Among Shoppers

To attract the shoppers towards the discount rates, the online retailers are doing a lot of awareness raising activities. They are offering coupons such as bath body coupons of C4 to the shoppers through other platforms so that the massive number of shoppers could enjoy the best deals on the November shopping season.

In the UAE, only 36 percent of people have responded on the awareness activities and heard about White Friday sales. The online retailers have brought the best deals through discounts this year for UAE shoppers and people in large numbers are visiting the online stores to enjoy the deals. They are finding heavy discounts on many items as compared to regular sales days.

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