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2019’s Barbados Vujaday Music Festival to start from 3rd April




Barbados is soon going to hold the Vujaday Music Festival, in the coming month of April. This is one of the top Caribbean Music Festivals, where one can enjoy the music and dance to their heart.

This music festival brings to you thoughtfully curated selection of music and cultural experiences in the lush landscapes of Barbados. Last year, the festival was held in Barbados only. And this year in 2019 as well, Vujaday is back to Barbados.

Barbados is a tiny Caribbean island, that has a high Human Development Index of 0.8, and with that, it has outranked numerous first world nations such as South Korea. This tiny island is also winning in the literacy rate, and the people here are highly civilized as well as educated. But despite high literacy rate and education, the people here are deeply connected to their culture.

Vujaday Music Festival is all about showcasing the amazing beaches as well as enjoying the amazing events held in the festival. It is a 5 day music safari, which is running for the 2nd consecutive year. Dozens of artists and top award winners visit this festival to showcase their talent. And despite that, the area is never crowded, and will always appear serene. Some of the artists that are showing up this year include DJ Sasha (voted the no. 1 DJ in the world), Jimmy Vallance, and many more. You can check out the video sampling of the latest artist here.

These were the part of phase 1 lineup. There are numerous artists in phase 2 as well. One of them is the mystic Damian Lazarus, who will make his appearance with his soul inspiring rhythms. The list of artists is long, but definitely intriguing. Must visit this festival, which is going to start from April 3rd.

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Tencent Music will probe the Global IPO Market




Tencent Music’s public offering will serve to probe the global OPV markets. China’s response to Spotify could continue with an IPO of 2 billion dollars in New York in December, according to several media articles citing sources close to the agreement.

It is a bad time of the year to sell new shares and Tencent has already rectified its plans once. Moderate treatment will confirm fears that the window for important departures is closing quickly.

The liquidation of shares worldwide has already affected the Tencent plan to get rid of its streaming branch, which is the majority owner, and which in turn is the owner of the QQ Music application. In May, the titan of games and social networks, 312,000 million euros, expected to rise up to 3,500 million euros in an agreement that would have valued Tencent Music Entertainment Group in 25,000 million dollars; they said sources close to the publication International Financial Review, by Refinitiv. The Chinese company delayed its plan to go public in October after reducing the size of the offer by half.

Tencent Music will struggle to reach Spotify’s high notes

Tencent Music investors relations will struggle to reach the top notes of Spotify. The titan of social networks and games in China is going to market its streaming music branch with a valuation of up to 24,500 million dollars (21,500 million euros). Sales go up, and the unit has a new and profitable business model. However, the company’s great premium over Spotify is hard to justify.

The most important music application in China originally planned to raise at least 2 billion dollars (1,800 million euros) in October, according to nearby sources. But the fall of the market worldwide, aggravated by the commercial tensions between the United States and China, caused the Tencent Music’s IPO to be delayed.

The reasons for the alliance between Tencent and Spotify in music streaming

Spotify, the world’s first streaming platform, and the music division of Chinese media giant Tencent, announced a mutual minority stake. For both platforms, these investments, the amount of which has not been disclosed, should allow them to strengthen their catalog and their ability to negotiate licenses with the music production companies. What reassure investors for possible IPOs next year for both companies?

Spotify dominates the Western market, with 140 million active users, including 60 million subscribers paying $ 10 a month minimum. Tencent, through its three platforms – KuGou, QQ Music, and KuWo – has nearly 700 million monthly users, but only 15 million of them pay for its services. However, Spotify is not present in China and Tencent Music investor relations financial results is only at the beginning of the monetization of its subscribers.

Rich content for subscribers

The example of video games shows that it becomes possible to pay small sums to Chinese consumers for better services. Tencent, at the head of the two major Chinese social networks – QQ Music and WeChat (which is close to one billion users) – is a master in this art, also showing success in online video as in reading line. This is what drives investors to buy shares of the Chinese company, whose value is close to $ 500 billion ($ 424 billion).

In music streaming, Tencent is in a particularly favorable position: its three platforms are the first three in the market. KuGou (“cool dog”), the first on the market, owes its success to China’s small towns and countryside, with very popular songs that make singing in karaoke and dancing in public squares. QQ Music is more classic. KuWo is also a hit in karaoke and stands out on the live streaming of music videos.

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