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4 Tips for Camping in the Winter




Camping in the winter – should you do it? Is it worth the extra effort to stay warmer? If you’re thinking about camping in the winter and wondering if you’ll have a great time, the answer is yes. Winter is an excellent time of year to go camping. Whether you have a good time depends on where you go and, most importantly, how you prepare. 

No matter where you’re headed for your winter camping trip, here are several tips that will help you make the most out of your adventure.

  1. Camp in an RV

Winter camping is always more comfortable and warmer when you sleep in an RV, especially when you have kids. For obvious reasons, when the temperature drops, it’s nice to have propane heat that fills your space and doesn’t escape through thin tent walls. It’s also easier to keep your food cold and secured in an RV. Even when temperatures are freezing outside, you can’t leave your food lying around because it will attract animals. 

If you don’t own an RV, you can rent one for your camping trip. If it doesn’t have everything you need, don’t worry. You can find coolers, inverters, and other RV accessories online before your trip.

 If you’re a die-hard traditional camping fan, you may not like the idea of camping in an RV. Some people consider this “glamping” and not real camping. However, just because you sleep in your RV doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire camping trip cooped up inside. In fact, you can also pitch a tent outside and spend the day using your tent and only come back to your RV to sleep. 

  1. Layer your clothing intentionally

If you’ve never lived in an area where temperatures drop pretty low, you might not know how to layer your clothing to stay warm. It sounds simple at first. Does it really matter how you layer? The truth is, the material you layer with matters and each type of material has an ideal position in your layering.

Your base layer should be a thermal-type material that wicks away moisture. Even though fleece feels great against your skin, you don’t want to use fleece as a base layer because it will make you sweat, which will make you colder. Wool actually makes the best base layer because it’s naturally designed to regulate temperature. Fleece should be used as an outer or middle layer to hold in your body heat.

After you’ve figured out your first few layers, your final outer layer should be waterproof to prevent moisture from getting through to your bottom layers.

  1. Lay down a wool blanket first

Before you put any part of your sleep system down, place a thick, wool blanket down first. Ideally, you want to be lifted up off the ground to sleep on something like a cot. It doesn’t have to be too high, just six inches would be helpful. Placing a wool blanket under your cot will keep the cold air from traveling up through the bottom of your cot at the ground level. You also want to place another wool blanket on your cot before you put down your sleeping bag. 

If you’re sleeping directly on the ground, be sure to place a wool blanket under your sleeping pad before building your bed. The wool will keep a significant amount of cold air out of your sleeping system.

  1. Look at the weather forecast

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how many people don’t look at the weather forecast before camping in the winter. Depending on where you’re camping, you’ll want to know if it’s going to snow or be icy.

You’ll need to drive on the roads to get there and back, so you need to make sure you drive the right vehicle and have the right equipment if needed. Sometimes certain passes require vehicles to either carry or use tire chains during the winter. Also, if you’re not used to driving on icy roads, it’s a good idea to find a different camping spot if things look like they’ll get too icy.

Make winter camping a regular thing

Most people who camp in the winter really enjoy the experience. There’s something refreshing about waking up to the cool air, whether you’re in a tent or an RV. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your winter camping experiences now and in the future.

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