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5 Incredible Places You MUST Travel To This Year




These are the best places in the world that you must travel to this year, listed in no particular order of importance. Each one offers its own special experience, attractions, and amenities that make it worth your while to visit this year. If you’re going to check only one place off your list this year, make it one of these 5 incredible places you MUST travel to this year.


The south coast of Iceland is an area of the country you won’t want to miss. The beauty and natural wonders in this region are unlike any other place in Iceland. Some notable sites are: Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Dyrhólaey and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.


Mount Fuji: The tallest mountain in Japan is also one of its most iconic landmarks, with an absolutely beautiful appearance that changes constantly depending on what the weather’s like. One day it can be snow-capped and serene and the next it could be covered in a thick blanket of fog or smoke from nearby volcanoes. It’s truly a place worth visiting if you’re ever nearby. If not, don’t worry. You can always find plenty of pictures on Google.


If you’re looking for a place with the most spectacular scenery, Norway is the place for you. It’s easy to get from one spot to the next, and many of them are accessible by public transportation. Whether it’s fjords in Bergen or mountains in Geilo, there’s something for everyone. The total cost of getting around Norway is also very affordable. If you choose to stay at any of the Airbnb properties, they can be as cheap as $2-$3 a night depending on location. I recommend staying in Stavanger because it has incredible food and is home to some of the world’s best aqua parks.


If you are visiting for business, India will offer you an incredible experience as well. The country is experiencing significant growth in technology which means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship here. In addition, when exploring outside of the major cities be sure not to miss the wildlife such as tigers, elephants and monkeys. There are many options available including home exchanges and staying with locals.


If you’re looking for a getaway this summer, you should consider Greece. With its idyllic beaches and charming towns, it’s a beautiful country that has much more to offer than meets the eye. Be sure to take in some of the culture with visits to ancient ruins such as Mycenae or Delphi – relics of the past that will fascinate and amaze you. Consider visiting during one of the many festivals taking place throughout the year including Easter, Carnival, and Orthodox Easter. Lastly, don’t forget about The Meteora Monasteries.

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Kristi Ronning, Beautifully Portraying ‘Love, Knows No Bounds’




If your concept of eloping includes sneaking away at night, or heading to your dream place, think again. Small, highly mobile weddings have grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years. Fueled by mind-blowing posts on Pinterest, Instagram, and beyond, a growing number of young couples are trading in churches and banquet halls. 

With the pandemic disrupting thousands of weddings, the shift to small elopements is growing faster. An elopement containing just the couple and a few guests is comparatively safer and a far less stressful way for marriage than calling relatives, friends and many other guests.

In order to provide you with ethereal and magical photography for your wedding, Kristi Ronning founded Opal and Ox. Ronning is an American Elopement photographer, recognized for her mountain-top portraits. In addition, she features breathtaking landscapes with an aesthetic sense. 

Born on July 30, 1991, and raised in Pine Island, Minnesota, Ronning is the youngest of her siblings. She was born to Kathy Shafer and Jeff Ronning. From a very young age, she loved capturing photographs of her surroundings. As a kid, she loved dancing and taking theater classes. When Ronning entered second grade, her mother was thoughtful enough to gift her a disposable camera, which quickly turned into a digital one. From that point onwards, she has never put her camera down. Her passion drove her to become a professional photographer at the age of nineteen. 

After getting married to her husband, Ralphie, the two opened a photography and videography service-providing company named Opal and Ox. The couple has been quite successful in covering weddings worldwide since 2012. 

She has kept Opal & Ox services very admirable. According to her, life is all about exploring new adventures, this is what she, along with her husband, has been doing, and the reason for creating Opal & Ox is to lend their support to those who want to discover their love in an aesthetic style. Furthermore, the couple strongly believes that photography and videography flow together perfectly. This is why Ronning has been capturing emotions, energy, joys, and memories through the lens of her camera. 

She firmly thinks that whether it’s weddings and elopements, family photo sessions, senior portraits, or newborn photos, she knows how to capture the moments. Opal & Ox has been telling stories together through film and photos since almost 15 years. The journey has been quite memorable and displays Ronning’s love for photography in a nutshell. 

In her early years of photography, she covered conventional weddings. Upon moving to Montana, she began pioneering the mountain-top elopement wedding style that has been made famous by social media platforms. 

Ronning loves to incorporate fun fashion pieces into natural landscapes. Being completely self-taught, she quickly became one of the most prominent elopement photographers in the world. Now, people all across the world admire her work. However, she is best known for climbing mountain peaks with couples and documenting their marriage at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. Currently living in Montana, she shoots on a Hasselblad 907x medium format digital camera.

In 2020, Ronning was featured on the cover of Montana bride magazine, volumes 18 & 19, for capturing an epic three days shoot in the mountains. The magazine did a 9-page spread about the 3-day overnight hike in the mountains outside Yellowstone National Park. 

Ronning’s future endeavors include launching her first photography book and filming a documentary following her life and career in the mountains. Her determination made her capable enough that in 2022, she was featured in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Being a woman, she has never given up on her dreams. Her continuous efforts and life-long achievements can be a true inspiration for all young female photographers out there. 

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