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Adult Webcam Chat Sites Confuse Users




Business white labeling is a big but rarely discussed thing in the world of adult video chat. While this has been going on for more than 20 years across many online verticals, perhaps nowhere else has white labeling been such a successful growth strategy as it has been with adult webcam sites.

Most are blissfully unaware of the fact that lots of popular porn and adult video chat platforms are just brand names and logos with online marketers behind them; meanwhile one original site is operating everything in the background.

Truth be told, in the adult industry, there is a long storied history of using what are commonly referred to as white label or black label technology to display content from one site to another site.

Nearly always when one truly takes the time to closely read each site’s terms of service; somewhere there you’ll find pertinent information and legal disclosures. Typically one will eventually find the billing sources and the original the source of that content; and that is all that is required. Sometimes though, it is not as clear as one would hope. 

Therefore, it can oftentimes be confusing as to which company you are dealing with when it comes to your own adult entertainment; especially when it comes to adult webcams on the internet.

That is what we are talking about here today. Lots of people easily get confused when they see literally thousands of adult video chat sites, most of which look the same; and actually are.

Nothing Dishonest About White Label Cam Sites

Let’s put that right out front; some of the best video chat sites are using white label solutions and adding value by unique display measures and other content delivery methods, but that still does not mean the content they offer is original.

This is why in more cases than not, that content will not get listed in search engines; as it will be considered duplicate content.

Considering the real content of live porn sites is the cam girls and guys, to be a truly original webcam chat site you have to offer unique performers. Content all starts around the webcam girls and guys on video chat sites.

Webcam Sites & Services Get Peer Review

Sites like AdultWebcams.Review have seized on this and built a platform that explains which sites are clones or white labels and what the original cam sites are that are delivering the content to those white label sites.

They offer exactly what the name infers, a place for live porn surfers to see what they are getting into before they register at the various adult webcam sites. It is a valuable service and that is documented in that fact that hundreds of thousands of surfers have relied on their service over the past 5 years to see which webcam chat sites are actually using what database of cam girls.

In particular their stated purpose is to not just explain which platforms have original performers, but also which cam sites offer what features and functionalities.

In a day and age where there are more than 10,000 such live cam adult chat sites it just makes sense that more peer review sites are popping up that cover adult video chat and webcam sites.

The Adult Video Chat Industry Is Evolving

This site, AdultWebcams.Review breaks down a detailed list of all the features for a cam site and tests each site with their own money; afterwards sharing the average costs for adult cam shows and what the differences are between each platform.

Documenting the real costs of top adult video chat sites like LiveJasmin and Streamate is one aspect, but also sharing the evolutions of these rapidly growing video chat services by constantly updating their reviews as the sites evolve and enhance their functionality is that A.W.R. seeks to do. It should be noted that the webcam models are in fact independent contractors who set their own rates, but the cam sites are the intermediaries who collect and redistribute funds collected with the independent performers.

Based on our research, this was one of the largest and first webcam review sites to do the backend research and document which adult webcam platforms are original among what was then nearly 40,000 urls offering adult video chatting.

We found it further interesting to learn that this adult cam reviews site was one of the first to share that the largest free porn site in the world, pornhub sex cams was actually offering streamate cams under their own name called Pornhublive was not alone in that though.

In fact, there are actually more than 5,000 other examples of adult webcam chat sites using white label programs.

We think many people would find it interesting to learn not hundreds, but thousands of other well known adult cam sites such as Ypmate, Cjcams, Camonster, Privatehdcams, Camhub, offer services directly from that same platform as well, with most people thinking what they offer is just unique to that site.

It is a no harm, no foul situation but it is still very interesting to see the dominance of just a few leading adult video chat sites across the web.

We were able to verify that statements and claims from that review site by merely checking the two sites and comparing the content from the source site. According to most sources where we found this information reported, it was just a reflection of how popular the underlying service and site had become.

So there you have it, when it comes to adult video chat; the cam site you are using probably is not the original webcam site where the cam girls are working, but a white label.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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