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After The Accident: 5 Professionals Who’ll Handle Your Case




Car accidents are unfortunately common events, but the majority of the time, they’re fairly insignificant – fender benders and single-car collisions that leave a dent but don’t cause any major injuries. 

However, when things really go wrong, and people are badly injured or killed in an accident, it can truly turn your world upside down, and that’s when it’s time to call for help. But in the aftermath of such an accident, who should you call on?

Medical Care: Don’t Ignore Your Injuries

No matter how serious the accident, if you’re injured, your first priority should be to seek out appropriate medical care. This often includes emergency treatment for broken bones, contusions, muscle and ligament injuries, and burns. It’s important not to delay treatment because not only can that put your health at risk, but it can compromise your legal case. When you wait to see a doctor, insurance companies and lawyers may try to argue that the injury occurred in the interim, not as a result of the initial accident.

Insurance Issues: Connect With Your Provider

Another top expert on your post-car accident contact list is your insurance provider, because you need to apprise them of the situation. They will request various pieces of information, including the location of the incident, the insurance information for anyone else involved in the accident, and access to medical records. From there, your insurance provider will do a lot of work behind the scenes to evaluate your case and estimate any relevant payouts.

Finding A Lawyer: Know The Pros

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys who can help you with your car accident case, but when dealing with a serious incident, you need to work with the best. Find a car accident lawyer with a proven track record who can collaborate with your insurance provider and other experts to build a case. Experienced car accident lawyers often have a set of industry experts they regularly work with to build the strongest case possible.

Reconstruction Experts: Finding Out What Happened

When dealing with the aftermath of a serious car accident, your lawyer may work with a car accident reconstruction specialist to gain greater insight into how your accident happened and what forces may have been involved. For example, did you have faulty tires or was there a problem with the road maintenance that may have contributed to the accident? These are all very real problems, and identifying outside issues can strengthen your legal case.

Economic Experts: Valuing Your Losses

Whether or not you have suffered permanent injuries, the reality is that, in the event of a serious car accident, there are always financial consequences, and in order to determine the damages in your case, your lawyer will collaborate with an economic specialist or similar financial professional. By taking into account the legal frameworks and limitations, they can evaluate how much you should be awarded for your injuries, lost income, and pain and suffering.

There are a lot of different issues at play when dealing with a serious car accident, which is why so many professionals will consult on your case. And although it may take longer than you’d like, their goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome and to reassure you that you don’t have to go this alone.

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Sara Zaimi Vies for Miss NJ Crown




The Miss NJ competition seeks a leader, a role model who inspires with both brains and heart. Enter Sara Zaimi, a trailblazing pharmacist with a Doctorate (PharmD) whose passion for women’s health and community empowerment burns brightly.

A brush with mortality at a young age – chest pain and a concerning blood test – ignited a fire in Sara. Witnessing the unwavering spirit of women battling cancer in the oncology ward solidified her desire to make a difference. It was her mother’s unwavering support, the way she held her hand through fear and doubt, that propelled Sara to answer that call. Overcoming self-doubt and depression, she embarked on a remarkable academic journey, graduating with her PharmD at the prestigious Rutgers University at the early age of 23, placing her among the top 10% of her class.

As a first-generation Algerian American, she’s a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. Her academic achievements, including valedictorian honors and consistent Dean’s List placements, stand as a testament. This translates further into her successful business, where she champions women’s health awareness. Her impact extends far beyond the pharmacy walls. Sara dedicates her time to NJ Sisterhood, empowering young women and inner-city communities. Her fluency in Spanish further highlights her commitment to inclusivity and understanding.

Driven by personal experience and empathy, Sara aims to leverage the Miss NJ platform to tackle critical women’s health issues. From early detection of breast cancer to advocating for increased resources, she seeks to empower women to take charge of their health. Her work with NJ Sisterhood complements this mission, focusing on projects that empower women and address their specific needs. Her advocacy includes promoting 3D areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors, a powerful example of how science and art can converge in the healing process.

Sara’s strength lies in the synergy of her diverse experiences. Her business acumen and her work with NJ Sisterhood position her to champion women’s health and community well-being on a grander stage. She envisions using the Miss NJ platform to create tangible change, increasing resources for those affected by breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

The demands of a successful business, active volunteer work with NJ Sisterhood, and the rigorous training for the Miss NJ competition require exceptional time management skills. Sara thrives under pressure, meticulously juggling her commitments without compromising on quality.

Her multifaceted personality, unwavering commitment to women’s health, and passion for community empowerment make her a strong contender for Miss NJ. She embodies the true spirit of the competition: a woman who is not just beautiful, but a force for good, inspiring young women to reach for their dreams and embrace their unique talents.

Follow Sara’s journey and learn more about her mission on Instagram: @pharminked_laser and @njsisterhood. Let’s cheer her on as she vies for the Miss NJ crown!

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