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Americor Funding Reviews For Debt Consolidation Are Inconclusive




Best 2019 Reviews provides expert reviews for consumers looking to consolidate their debts. One particular company that is interesting is Americor Funding.  The company goes by several different names: Americor Financial, Americor Funding, Americor Debt, Americor Financial Services and possibly Credit 9. The company is widely popular and is very active through the internet and direct mail.  However, Americor Funding reviews aren’t always the greatest.

For many Americans, debt has become an inevitable part of their everyday life. Whether you talk about mortgage loans, credit loans, automotive loans, and student loans – the list just goes on. According to most estimates, the average American household owes at least $130,000. Moreover, debt issues are prevalent in almost every age group.

The median income earned by Americans has increased by 28% since 2003, but the cost of living has increased by 30% during the same time. What hits debtors the most are unexpected expenditures on medical costs, which have climbed by a whopping 57%. Prices for food have steadily increased by 36%.

Most financial experts believe that the debt crisis has become a mainstay of the American economy due to a lack of financial education.  Financial experts believe that most Americans should be given a crash course on finance.

You also have to take into account the spendthrifts who are more psychologically ‘hardwired’ to spend money. Researchers believe that these individuals do not feel the “pain” when spending money, and this allows them to go above and beyond their budgets.

The bottom line is that nearly every household is tied to expenses that they are unable to avoid. You can’t avoid spending on your mortgage, rent, credit cards, student loans, and more.

This raises an important question: what is the ideal spending limit in each area?

Most mortgages account for at least 31% to 36% of average income, including taxes, insurance fees, and interest. In larger cities, the percentage may push up to as high as 50%.

It is important to adjust these limits when the average pay appraisals are unreliable. It is also worth noting that the previous generations spent less on college and healthcare. Shorter life expectancy and reliance on pensions meant that there wasn’t much pressure to save on retirement

So what is the most reasonable course of action? Financial pundits argue that you should cap your hosing costs at 25% of your income. This should leave you free to invest in other areas of your life. 25% should be enough in most cases to pay off your mortgage loans by retirement age. For this reason, it is important to choose a 15-year mortgage plan and just stick to it.

Student Loans

Student loans require a bit more planning and should be approached cautiously. For starters, it isn’t a good idea to borrow more money than you will ideally make after finishing school. It isn’t good financial practice to get parents involved because this will most definitely interfere with their retirement savings. The best course of action is to cap student loan costs at 10% of your income.

These loans are best paid as soon as possible.


When it comes to loans, it is not a good idea to spend more than 5 or 10% of your gross monthly income on car payments. A larger percentage will choke most Americans financially, leaving them little room to maneuver. The best course of action is to shoot for 4-year loan plans with a downpayment of at least 20%.

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Suhail Nurmohamed attributes his remarkable success story to “self-belief”




Online entrepreneur extraordinaire, Suhail Nurmohamed, highlights “self-belief” as his major secret to success

Suhail Nurmohamed is an entrepreneur that has leveraged the power of the internet to rise above imaginable heights in the world of business. As an entrepreneur, the online businessman and business coach went through several challenges to attain his current status. In a recent interview, the online business magnate described “self-belief” as the factor that has fueled his success as an entrepreneur and individual as a whole.

“My secret to success is that I have been very disciplined and showed up even when I didn’t feel like I wanted to. Self-belief is my greatest secret to success. Thousands could believe in you but if you do not believe in yourself it means nothing,” said Suhail Nurmohamed.

The business environment is highly competitive and dynamic, to say the least, with companies of different sizes across different industries jostling for their share of the pie. Several research works have substantiated this claim, revealing that a relatively low percentage of businesses make it past their first year, and even more startups fail to make it to their fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, more people often start their entrepreneurial journey without having a full grasp of what it takes to successfully run a business. This is one of the major factors that lead to the failure of enterprises, particularly with many of the available resources offering seemingly abstract tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. One individual that has defied all the odds to break through the intense competition as a businessman is Suhail Nurmohamed.

Suhail did not have the best of beginnings, with his father having to work 3 to 4 jobs to keep the family moving after his mum was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to work. However, this rather unfortunate situation only motivated Suhail to push harder. The struggles of his family and not enjoying the basic things of life seem to have helped in molding as he started his entrepreneurial journey at a very early age, getting into the labor market at 16.

At 16, Suhail was already selling packaged sweets he bought from the local corner shop and was beginning to make good money selling to all the students at school. Suhail showed his discipline and tenacity to pursue every cause he set out to, at a very young age and this has helped him as an entrepreneur.

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