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Apple has Unveiled its new Apple Tv App for Streaming New Shows




CALIFORNIA – After introducing Apple’s Tv and movie-streaming service to the world, the company has come up with a new Apple TV app for various devices namely, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Irrespective of the source, the design of the new Apple app would facilitate finding the content in an easier way. Many new features have been introduced in the new version of Apple app. You could use the “watch now” tab to resume current shows at any time. Also, the personalized recommendation feature makes it possible to watch your favorite content on the app.

Apple Tv app’s interface is very much similar to what you could expect on other movie streaming apps. There are sections like “what to watch”, “new and noteworthy” and you can also add your favorite shows in the watch later list. Subscribing to Apple TV premium channels is a simple process just as is the case in Roku’s Tv or Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. You can also try paid channels such as HBO, Showtime, Epix, Noggin, etc for free with the use of saved payment information. Similar to Netflix, you could navigate the Apple app and tap on popular sections such as movie, tv shows, sports, Kids to experience watching your favorite shows on the app. Also, the facility to skip the introduction part is there and it is possible to access the content with the help of Siri.

A huge number of people watch movies online for free on websites such as Putlocker as they can’t afford to pay for their entertainment. Putlocker movies list contains the recently released movies so people find it convenient to watch movies on this medium for free. However, many people also use many other paid video streaming apps or websites to enjoy their favorite movies or tv shows. In Apple TV app, one can watch shows of popular celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, etc on its new Apple TV+ programming. Apple TV app will be available for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad in May 2019 and also it will be introduced in more than 100 countries worldwide in the coming future.

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EaseUS – Faster and Effective Data Recovery Tool for All Data Loss Conditions




Have you deleted your photos, videos and other content unintentionally? Have you faced the severe issues such as partition deletion or even system crashes? In such situations, losing your data can prove to be a huge annoyance and something you would not want to ever happen to you. Good and reliable data recovery software can prove to be one of the exciting choices ever.

If you are checking out the options for the most reliable and trustworthy data recovery software, EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software should double up as one of the perfect choices ever.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – A sneak peek

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does provide you access to a simple and easy to follow options for recovering your deleted files. The software can handle a wide range o options for recovering the data such as accidentally deleted files, memory cards that have unintentionally been formatted, or even those files that might have been removed.

Support for more than 1000 different file formats is what makes it one of the most reliable options you should pick for the best data recovery possible. In fact, the software just goes beyond the simple recovery process. It can even efficiently repair the corrupted files such as JPEGs, MP4, and MOV files. However, you would not find it supporting the RAW files.

Some of the features that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides you access

The software does provide you access to a great degree of efficiency when it comes to recovering the files. Some of the essential features that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides you access to can include

  • It provides you access to a perfect SD card recovery. A single click SD card recovery can effectively provide you access to recovering the files in a single click operation. An efficient and faster recovery proves provides you with a truly enhanced experience ever.
  • The free data recovery software option provided by the tool further improve your experience and provide you with a far better performance efficiency. Although a little limited, the faster data recovery solutions offered by the tool further make it a great product ever.
  • A safer and secure means of recovering your data can definitely prove to be one of the excellent options ever. It can help you get access to a complete data recovery to the fullest ever extent.
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems would be what provides you access to a far better degree of efficiency. You would ideally not face any compatibility issues when it comes to recovering your data.

Why should you go with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

There are several situations where you would want to go with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The primary purpose of opting for the data recovery software would be to recover your lost data. The difficult situations such as hard disk damage or other serious conditions can be the typical conditions under which you would want to opt for the best data recovery options ever.

A few situations that would recommend the use of EaseUS Data recovery wizard can include

  • You have lost your important data. No matter whether the data deletion has been accidental, intentional or even due to a system crash, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can prove to be extremely effective and efficient.
  • It does support a wide range of file formats, and that should be one of the strongest factors in its favour. It retains the original tree structure when recovering your files which can be a great option when recovering the data files of your apps and programs.
  • Storage media recovery tool option offered by the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is what would make it one of the strongest and versatile data recovery options. The software can recover data without hassles on a wide range of storage media – both external and internal.
  • Data loss due to virus attacks can be one of the best reasons for opting for the EaseUS data recovery wizard. Most of the data recovery tools fail to recover the data corrupted due to virus attack. Still, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has been found to be extremely effective in recovering such data loss more effectively.

The Closing Thoughts

EaseUS Data recovery tool does offer you access to an excellent and high-end user interface. The file size of the software is considerably lesser, and that is precisely what makes it one of the reliable software tools. The simple to use scan, select and recover option offered by the software definitely makes it an extremely reliable solution ever.

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