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Biggest Threats to Your Child’s Safety and What You Must Do to Protect It




Being a parent can be absolutely terrifying. That may seem a little harsh, but it’s absolutely true. We live in a world that is filled with many temptations, schemes, and dangers that try to lure us in at every turn. Trying to raise a child in the midst of all that can be downright horrifying.

That being said, as parents, we are 100% responsible for protecting them. When our children are young and defenseless, we’re the only form of protection they have. We’re also the ones who will have the biggest impact in teaching them what they can do, and what will be a risk for them, as they grow into adulthood. It’s up to us to make sure they remain safe, and learn what works, as they grow.

To do the job right, we have to be aware of what’s most dangerous for our children and do our best to mitigate it. You’ll never completely eliminate every hint of danger, and your child needs to make their own mistakes as they grow, so they will learn, but you’re their buffer between acceptable risk and a downright disaster.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you must do as a parent to ensure your child’s safety, and some tips you can use to make the job easier.

Biggest Threats to the Safety of Your Child

Influential Friends: Monitor Who Their Friends Are

Next to you and their teachers, your child’s friends are going to play the biggest role in shaping who they become as a person. There’s plenty of old quotes that speak to the effect of, “You become who you surround yourself with,” and that is absolutely true. If your child is surrounded by children who provide a positive influence, your child will be more inclined to grow up in a positive manner.

But the opposite is also true.

If your child is hanging out with friends who pressure them to break the rules, slack off in class, or try alcohol and illegal substances before they are mature, your child could be headed down a very dark road.

To help ensure your child is on the right path, get to know their friends on a personal level. Invite them to your home for a sleepover (with their parents’ permission) so you can directly observe their behavior. You’ll be able to gauge what kind of person they are, and better determine if they’re the kind of people you want your child spending time with.

Accidents: Always Monitor Their Outside Environment

There’s no doubt that, before your child was even born, you did a thorough inspection of your house and either got rid of anything that was dangerous or put something in place to keep your child from getting to it. That’s a very good first step to take, but your child won’t stay cooped up in your house forever.

The world outside your door isn’t set up with your personal safety, and the safety of your child, in mind. You know this, but it’s so easy to become complacent that it’s good to remind yourself of it, now and again, so that you remain vigilant.

If your child rides the bus to and from school, make sure you or your partner is there to drop them off and pick them up. If your child has to walk, make sure you know the route they will take, and walk it yourself to ensure that it will be safe for your child.

Even if you’ll be with your child while they’re outside the house, you still need to keep your guard up at all times. Reckless drivers, kidnappers, and pets that aren’t leashed are all potential dangers that you may encounter, and prevention is the best treatment in these cases.

If you ever do find that yourself or your child has become a victim of one of these factors, call the police, and educate yourself beforehand on the steps you can take to seek justice for your family. For example, Chad Stavley is a highly reviewed personal injury attorney serving the Portland Oregon area, according to Google reviews. A Google search in your location is a great way to pull up local lawyers and view reviews.

The Internet: Monitor What They See and Do On the Internet

Up until now, we’ve only discussed external factors that could either harm your child or get them in trouble. But a very real threat to your child, and one that is so common in the majority of households, is the use of the internet.

Internet access is all around us and unfortunately, we can’t always keep tabs on what they’re consuming mentally. In fact, a complaint was filed against Google for harming kids with misleading apps!

Things like social media, pornography, and chatrooms are all things that put your child at risk for mental damage. These things can cause sexually inappropriate behavior and low self-esteem. The internet also has the potential to set your child up to cyberbullying.

Consider setting times for your child to enjoy screen time. There are also apps you can download to your phone that connect with your child’s phone that allows you to keep tabs of their online activity.

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