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Breaking Barriers: The Next Wave of Cybersecurity Training Emerges




In his famous book “The Art of War,” Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu explains that victory in any conflict comes from knowing your enemy as well as you know yourself. That concept lies at the heart of offensive security practices that have emerged as the next wave of cybersecurity.

White Knight Labs, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, offers organizations around the globe an opportunity to benefit from offensive security through the training it provides in its Offensive Development Cybersecurity Training Course. The training initiative is a two-day virtual program designed to elevate the skills of cybersecurity professionals through immersive, hands-on learning experiences.

“At White Knight Labs, we understand the critical need for cybersecurity professionals to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape,” says Greg Hatcher, CEO of White Knight Labs. “The ‘Offensive Development’ course is not just about theory; it’s a hands-on journey, offering practical skills and real-world applications. We aim to equip participants with the latest tools and techniques, empowering them to navigate the complexities of offensive cybersecurity effectively.”

White Knight Labs is a boutique cybersecurity consultancy specializing in cloud security. It provides a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable organizations to proactively detect, respond to, and neutralize sophisticated cyber attacks. White Knight Labs has built a solid reputation for empowering organizations to defend against emerging threats and secure their cloud environments by focusing on innovation and collaboration.

“The work we do at White Knight Labs is founded on the principle that a robust defense is built on a strategic offense,” Hatcher shares. “Our training is invaluable because it teaches the art of thinking like an adversary to develop the insights and understanding needed to protect against complex threats. Only by outpacing threat actors can organizations confidently safeguard their business against tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.”

The evolution of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity practices emerged more than three decades ago as computers became networked and vulnerabilities began to be exploited. The earliest security measures were defensive. Firewalls prevented unauthorized access. Encryption ensured sensitive data was kept private.

As the volume and complexity of attacks increased, cybersecurity professionals began to see the value of going on the offensive. Network penetration tests emerged as a strategy for confirming the valid attack vectors of an organization’s digital landscape. Organizations secretly deployed their own phishing attacks to test policies’ effectiveness and employees’ readiness.

“Our goal at White Knight Labs is to enable organizations to do next-level testing of their protections, procedures, and responses,” Hatcher shares. “Our simulation and emulation services involve multi-faceted attacks that utilize advanced, real-world scenarios. They result in actionable reports that provide highly valuable information about the security posture and security awareness levels of employees, physical protections, and technology deterrents. In the end, organizations become aware of the security gaps they must fill to safeguard their systems effectively.”

Understanding modern defense solutions

The White Knight Labs Offensive Development Training Course is an intermediate-level course expertly designed for cybersecurity professionals looking to elevate their skills in the complex art of offensive cybersecurity. It’s a dynamic course with a curriculum that evolves along with the digital threat landscape and the latest research findings.

The course begins with a full day of exploring modern defense mechanisms. Participants engage in hands-on exercises involving Terraform Labs in AWS environments, portable executable conversions, and various process injection strategies. Instructors impart a deep understanding of the newest techniques and research in Windows API manipulation, shellcode storage, and dynamic resolution of hidden imports.

The second day of training provides instruction on advanced offensive techniques, including expert training on the Cobalt Strike Command and Control (C2) framework. Participants delve into understanding C2 profiles, defeating sandbox detection, identifying endpoint detection and response (EDR) active protections, and mastering dynamic link library proxying. Other advanced concepts taught in the course include anti-malware scan interfaces, event tracing for Windows, and custom payload development strategies.

The complete course provides an excellent opportunity for cybersecurity professionals, including security analysts and researchers, to advance their understanding of and proficiency with offensive security tools. Penetration testers, red teamers, and blue teamers looking to advance their malware development skills will also benefit from the course.

“White Knight Labs is committed to helping those we train to get into the trenches and experience real-world scenarios that will challenge your skills and knowledge,” Hatcher explains. “Understanding the concepts is not enough. Hands-on experience is the key to developing the skills and confidence needed to tackle today’s cybersecurity challenges. The most prepared organizations are those who best understand the threats they are facing.”

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring the Right Personal Injury Lawyer




Are you dealing with injuries, loss of income, and hefty medical bills because of an accident that was not your fault? If yes, you need the services of an excellent personal injury lawyer. But how do you determine if a lawyer is a perfect match for your personal injury case when you have so many options? This step-by-step guide aims to teach you the critical steps to hiring the best personal injury lawyer in your state.

1. Know Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Typically, you must hire the right personal injury lawyer if you are pursuing a lawsuit for personal injury. As defined on Forbes, a personal injury lawsuit is a civil action that an injured person takes against a person or company responsible for an accident that resulted in injuries. 

For instance, you get into a car crash or slip and fall incident in the workplace because of someone else’s fault. You can sue the party responsible for injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and mental anguish. 

But there are instances you may not need a personal injury attorney despite being in an accident. For example, a minor fender bender where no one sustained injuries or had their property damaged is easy to resolve without involving lawyers. So, after an accident, evaluate the damages incurred. If they are severe, search for a personal injury attorney.

2. Do Extensive Research

Where do I begin my search? Referrals are valuable because you can ask specific questions regarding the lawyer’s communication style, availability, litigation experience, and fee structure. So, ask family and friends to recommend someone they have worked with. Search for attorneys in your area online if you need referrals. You can type a simple search query like ‘personal injury attorney near me’ on Google. Alternatively, look for a lawyer through online directories. 

3. Schedule Free Consultations

You want to know what a personal injury lawyer will do for you. Therefore, schedule a free consultation meeting and ask questions like:

  • What will you prioritize in my case? 

The right attorney will focus on getting justice and fair compensation to ensure your stress-free recovery. Communication should also be a top priority. The lawyer should communicate with you using simple terms to help you understand your legal rights. More importantly, they should update you about the case progress on time. 

  • Do you have experience handling cases like mine? 

As lawyers at Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo law firm mention, experienced personal injury attorneys will guide you through the legal process. Even more interesting, they will handle negotiations on your behalf to safeguard your rights. So, make sure your lawyer has experience in personal injury law. 

It would be better if they had specialized experience handling cases like yours. For example, if you are pursuing a truck accident lawsuit, you will want a personal injury lawyer with expertise in dealing with trucking accident claims. 

  • What is the value of my personal injury claim?

After evaluating your case, a skilled attorney should tell you the worth of your personal injury claim. What you should be cautious of are unrealistic estimates and guarantees. There are no assurances in personal injury claims. If a lawyer promises a higher settlement that sounds too good to be true, do not fall for it because they are lying. 

  • How much are your legal fees? 

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee arrangement. Based on Cornell Law School, a contingent fee structure allows lawyers to receive a certain percentage of the total settlement value a client wins. As a result, you do not pay your legal representative any upfront fee. 

4. Check Testimonials 

Aside from experience, work with a trustworthy and reputable attorney. You can quickly determine a lawyer has an outstanding reputation by reading testimonials from past clients. 

Find out if the clients feel happy about the outcomes of their case. How about the style of communication? Does the lawyer explain legal terms in simple language? 

A reputable lawyer will receive positive feedback from clients and respect from peers. Also, check with your local bar association to ensure your preferred lawyer doesn’t have disciplinary actions against them. 

5. Select Your Lawyer

At this point, comfort matters a lot. Do not choose a lawyer you feel uncomfortable discussing your legal issues with. Also, ensure they have the experience and resources to win your personal injury claim. Equally important, they should have an excellent reputation. 


When you are a victim of an accident that someone else caused out of negligence, you need to seek justice and compensation for your injuries. There is only one way to achieve these goals. You must work with the best lawyer to pursue a personal injury claim. True, choosing the right one can be challenging. But you can make an informed decision if you follow this step-by-step guide to hiring the right personal injury lawyer. 

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