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Cao Son Nguyen Confirms His New Girlfriend Is Sunny Tee Hee




Asian pianist Cao Son Nguyen confirmed he’s off the market after posting a photo of Sunny Tee Hee to his Instagram account last month.

In the game of love, Cao Son Nguyen may have just scored.

The 22-year-old Asian pianist got the Internet talking this past week when he appeared to confirm his new romance on social media. By posting photos on Instagram feed, many many tagged stories and he is also making videos about Sunny on his own Tik Tok account.

If the photo wasn’t enough to prove these two are the real deal, Son proceeded to like several comments, including the messages “I’d be smiling too” and “looking good you two.”

Taking a look to his new girlfriend, Sunny Tee Hee or can be called as Sunny Huynh is an exchange student in Melbourne, Australia. She was born in HCMC and later she went to New Zealand to finish her high school studies and came to Melbourne for her university at RMIT University. Right now, she is living in HCMC due to COVID-19 that she had to come back home and then she met Cao Son while surfing her social media feeds.

And according to her Instagram bio, Sunny is also a happy kid, which is very comfortable and related to her boyfriend, Cao Son Nguyen who is a pianist and also an entertainer.

On Thursday, Sept. 30, after the city finished the lock-down, Son came across to Sunny’s apartment and it was one of their first public met during their relationship but it seems that they have been falling in love for years.

In addition to a new girlfriend, Cao Son also has many videos to Sunny like “Talking To The Moon”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, “To The Moon” or one of his biggest hit “Tong Hua”.

“I think a lot of people can relate to a song like ‘To The Moon’—it’s a love song about being rough around edges but meeting someone that changes you for the better,” he previously shared.

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The Courageous Journey of Marvin Lee Miller




Marvin Lee Miller, an undergraduate research assistant trained in the intellectually conducive laboratories of UC Irvine and UC Berkeley, believes in accepting the new challenges that come his way and move ahead. 

Even after a few years, Marvin couldn’t imagine how his life would take a sharp U-turn as he got himself engrossed in scientific research and studies. He has a very humble background. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Marvin had faced a lot of hardship in his childhood. 

“In a poverty-stricken atmosphere, I knew that only my education could help me—no one else. Initially, I too committed lots of mistakes. I know there’s no excuse for my mistakes. But I took them as my life lessons and moved on. I didn’t receive much support from the people around me. They didn’t show me the right path,” Marvin stated. 

During his adolescent days, his poor associations got him to prison, where he had to spend seven years of his life. 

Looking back, Marvin considered those days were the most difficult phase of his life. He grew up as a foster child and had no guardian to guide him. Things could have been much different if he had a guardian to mentor him when he needed them the most.  

Despite all his past mistakes, Marvin knew that he was a kind-hearted man with an intellectual mind. Bidding adieu to his turbulent past, Marvin vowed to do something bigger and better in life. But he had more roadblocks ahead. 

Once he went out of prison, he faced stiff challenges from his family members as they declined to take him back home. And thus, heartbroken became homeless soon. He had no money, shelter, or even a true friend at that time to at least help him meet the basic needs of life while offering some moral support. 

And as they say, Books are best friends. Marvin soon started reading lots of books. Gradually, he started grasping the significance of education in life and spent a lot of hours on his education. 

Marvin is still grateful to a few generous individuals, including his teachers and counselors who infused the right thoughts in him, which proved to be a turning point in his life for good.  

Right now, Marvin is an undergraduate research assistant trained in the laboratories of UC Irvine and UC Berkeley. 

The university deserves full credit for Marvin’s intellectual development. Over the last few years, he has been able to hone his technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and professional acumen. He worked with a dynamic team of scientists and academicians who infused necessary research skills into Marvin. 

“I’m fortunate enough to have served as a volunteer for an oncology department at UC Irvine for two years. During this phase, I learned a lot of things, including skeletal muscle research at UC Berkeley. I am now majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, which is giving me enormous opportunities for research and further studies.” Marvin explained. 

Even though Marvin had a tough childhood experience, he was always interested in studies. As a kid, he loved science and gradually fell in love with Physics and Biology in higher classes. But before he could move to University, his mistakes got him to jail. 

However, as we know where there’s a will, there is a way. Soon, Marvin not only found his lost mojo in education and research, but he became even more serious and dedicated with his studies, research, and practical classes. 

Marvin has already earned four Associate’s degrees from Santa Ana College. He’ll also shortly receive his Graduation Degree in Molecular & Cell Biology. Right now, Marvin is fully concentrating on earning his Ph.D. degree. Marvin aims to develop new medicines and path-breaking solutions to curing serious diseases like Cancer and heart-related ailments. 

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