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Cautious traveling during corona times




Regular conduction of Covid-19 detection tests due to suspicious flu symptoms clearly emphasizes the fact that the aggression with which this virus is spreading is undoubtedly daunting. And now it is not limited to a particular or specific region as the blaring television highlights the fact that these trends are being observed globally. To mitigate the active proliferation of this virus, initially, the global community decided to undergo a strict lockdown which assisted and prevented the individuals from socializing and helped the sick remain confined in quarantine. Now, these acts were quite successful as the aggressively rising cases experienced a halt. Life started to return to normality, and various circles of life rejuvenated. 

The Travel industry was no different as it could also not be protected from the wrath of the deadly virus. With strict lockdown and travel restrictions, the airline industry suffered massively, causing an aggressively rising unemployment rate. However, to support the depreciating sector and considering the decline in the rate of positive cases, the global community eventually uplifted the imposed ban. As a result, now one can easily travel to their designated locations. However, due to the persistence of this virus, new travel norms have been introduced, and we will be discussing them to help you pack your travel bags accordingly and prepare you mentally to prevent you from contracting this deadly intruder.

Consider the following rules if you plan to travel shortly

  • Arrange a mandatory first aid kit with all the imperative items in it

The raging proliferation rate of this virus calls for strict protective measures; hence. At the same time, traveling, you need to be equipped with all the essential items, including basic medicinal drugs and first aid items that you might need during your trip to a new region. However, preparing for a well-equipped first aid kit may be cumbersome due to the existence of opportunist local medicinal stores and pharmacies that have considered this as a golden opportunity to maximize their profit by indulging in hoarding. They have mischievously created a false shortage of all the essential medicinal drugs and then selling them at exorbitant rates, which have made a menace for the commuters wishing to stock useful medicinal drugs while they travel. However, the advent of online pharmaceutical stores such as Price pro pharmacy has served as a blessing in such conditions. You name the drug, and you don’t need to worry as they stock the entire imperative medicines you require. They can be easily reached at, and they will order all your products in just one hour. Well, this seems excellent. Besides its prompt and efficient delivery option, the products are available at discounted rates and are fresh products. PricePro never comprises on quality.

  • Facial masks

When used in conjunction with various safety measures such as social or physical distance and good hand hygiene, face masks can be a convenient, inexpensive, and potentially effective way to stay healthy and flatten the COVID-19 curve. Health agencies such as CDC now require anyone to wear masks or face coverings while out in public or traveling.

  • Get yourself vaccinated

Recently medical researchers have been successful in formulating vaccines that function to help your body tackle this virus. Hence CDC and WHO strictly urge the entire global community to comply with the latest regulations and get yourself vaccinated. That will help curb up the active propagation of the virus.

  1. Show your PCR test result.

Make sure you’ve taken and passed the PCR test for coronavirus before leaving for your holidays, as you might be asked for a test report at the airport. Make sure you’ve had your PCR test, which should be negative, to avoid any inconvenience and misunderstanding.


To summarise, the years 2020 and 2021, after the advent of the third wave, have been dreadful and troubling. The blaring ambulances and empty streets depict a halt, and the world has come to a standstill. However, we must agree that the coronavirus is here to remain, and we must devise strategies to alleviate and minimize its lethal consequences.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Hardwood Staircase Flooring: Pros, Cons, and Benefits




In the world of home design and aesthetics, stairs play an important but often overlooked role. Unfortunately, many homeowners unknowingly underestimate the untapped potential of stairs as essential design elements. In addition to their practical purpose, stairs can be turned into elements that add elegance and style to a home. Among the various materials used for staircases, hardwood is consistently favoured and versatile. It not only emphasizes visual appeal but also provides practical benefits. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at hardwood flooring on stairs, exploring its many benefits, unique features, and essential factors that deserve close attention.

The Allure of Hardwood: 10 Resounding Reasons to Consider

Before we delve into the particularities that make hardwood a quintessential choice for staircases, it’s significant to preface that every material brings its own set of attributes to the table. However, hardwood stands out as an amalgamation of versatility, enduring grace, and pragmatic efficiency. In the following sections, we dissect the manifold reasons that could make hardwood the pièce de résistance of your home, synthesizing elegance and utility in a singular, memorable way.

1. The Intersection of Aesthetics and Practicality

The material you choose for your staircase isn’t just a matter of function; it’s a declaration of style. Hardwood, with its intrinsic elegance and an array of utilitarian benefits, delivers a package that’s hard to ignore or beat.

2. Refinishing: A Second Life

Think about your staircase as a long-term investment. Over time, the rigours of daily use will manifest in scuffs, dents, and general wear. Hardwood offers an elegant solution—refinishing. This process restores your staircase to its former glory, allowing for a sustainable approach to interior decor.

3. The Majesty of Grain Patterns

Hardwood is not a monolith. The unique grain patterns that distinguish one type of wood from another can add significant nuance to your staircase. They allow for a deeply customized aesthetic that can either complement your existing decor or serve as a contrast to create an entirely new design language within your home.

4. An Investment in Timelessness and Home Value

Hardwood’s timeless appeal is a well-established fact. What’s less discussed is how this quality can translate into a tangible financial benefit. A hardwood staircase can significantly elevate the overall value of your property, making it a wise investment for the future.

5. Maintenance Ease

In the bustle of modern life, who has the time for laborious maintenance routines? Hardwood staircases, with their minimal upkeep requirements, fit comfortably into busy lifestyles. A simple sweep and an occasional mop will keep them shining for yea harbour

6. The Health Dividend

A carpeted staircase might look inviting, but it can be a hotbed for allergens and pathogens. In contrast, the smooth surface of hardwood is less likely to harbour these unwelcome guests, making it a more health-conscious choice, particularly for households with children or those susceptible to allergies.

7. Versatility in Design and Safety

Adding a runner or tread rug can instantly mitigate concerns about noise or slippage on a hardwood staircase. This dual-function approach means that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety.

8. Eco-Friendly Credentials

In an age increasingly defined by environmental consciousness, the natural origins of hardwood make it an environmentally friendly choice. While it’s essential to source responsibly to ensure sustainability, the inherent eco-friendly nature of wood offers a win-win situation.

9. Durability Par Excellence

A well-crafted hardwood staircase can withstand years of heavy traffic without losing its aesthetic or functional edge. Its remarkable durability promises not just longevity, but also sustained quality.

10. Weight and Structural Integrity

While often robust and substantial, specific hardwoods like Douglas fir and pine strike an essential balance between strength and weight, making them ideal for complex staircase structures.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood flooring

No decision, especially one as enduring as the choice of material for your staircase, should be made lightly. While hardwood offers a plethora of advantages, it’s not devoid of its own set of quirks and considerations. Whether you’re enamoured by the visual feast that is a hardwood staircase or you’re still straddling the fence of decision-making, a balanced understanding of both its virtues and limitations can illuminate your path. So, let’s unfurl the tapestry of pros and cons to help you make a well-considered choice.


  • Easy Maintenance

One of hardwood’s standout features is its minimal maintenance requirement. Unlike carpeting or other soft flooring materials that may require periodic deep cleaning, hardwood only needs occasional dusting or mopping. This ease of maintenance saves both time and long-term cleaning costs.

  • Aesthetic Flexibility

Hardwood is like a chameleon in the design world; it can adapt to almost any setting or aesthetic preference. Whether your home leans more towards a rustic charm or modern minimalism, hardwood can be finished and stained to match the mood.

  • Health Benefits

For households with allergy concerns, hardwood is a godsend. Its solid, non-porous surface is hostile to dust mites, allergens, and other pathogens that could cause health problems. It’s much easier to clean and sanitize, ensuring a healthier living environment.

  • Long-Term Value Addition

A hardwood staircase is not just a design choice; it’s an investment. Homes with hardwood features often have higher resale values. Over time, as other materials age and deteriorate, hardwood retains its timeless allure, thereby adding to the long-term value of your property.

  • Eco-Friendly

Provided that you’re sourcing from responsible vendors, hardwood is a renewable resource. Its production has a lower carbon footprint compared to other flooring materials like tiles or carpet. Plus, old hardwood can typically be recycled or repurposed, minimizing waste.

  • Durable

It’s not just about how long something lasts, but also about how well it lasts. Hardwood is inherently durable, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and the wear and tear of daily life without losing its aesthetic appeal.

  • Wide Range of Stylistic Options

Hardwood comes in various species, grains, and finishes, allowing for an enormous range of stylistic options. From the rich, dark hues of walnut to the lighter tones of birch or oak, you can customize your staircase to match your specific aesthetic tastes and needs.


  • May Require Safety Adaptations

Hardwood is a beautiful but slippery material, especially when wet. If you have small children or elderly family members, or if you’re just generally concerned about safety, you may need to invest in additional safety features like anti-slip treads or stair runners.

  • Initial Cost Can Be High

The upfront cost of installing a hardwood staircase can be higher than other material options like carpet or laminate. This initial expenditure, however, should be weighed against the long-term benefits, both aesthetic and financial, that hardwood offers.

  • Specific Household Conditions May Necessitate Extra Considerations

While hardwood is mostly durable, it can be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Homes in particularly dry or humid climates may require humidifiers or dehumidifiers to maintain the wood’s integrity over the long term. Also, if you have pets with claws, be prepared for some inevitable scratching.


Choosing a staircase material is not a decision to be taken lightly; it’s an integral element that functions both practically and aesthetically within your home. Hardwood offers an attractive package of aesthetic versatility, long-term value, minimal maintenance, and health benefits. Consult your local specialists to ensure your hardwood staircase not only captures your aesthetic vision but also endures over time.

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