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DRAMAFLS, American Music Artist and DIREKTÈ Owner, is Working Hard to Make Haitians Proud




American music artist and songwriter, DRAMAFLS, is rocking the music world with his great technical skills and musical talent. Besides, he has also made his name for his videography skills in the music world. Moreover, the music artist also owns a clothing line, DIREKTÈ.

DRAMAFLS is working hard to make Haitians proud with his music. His clothing brand, DIREKTÈ, provides t-shirts and hoodies to customers. It was introduced in 2017 and the musician is working to make the Haitian brand shine in the international market.

Born on 4 July 1987 with the name, “Thiery Kern Sanon”, in Miami, Florida. DRAMAFLS is making news with his flourishing music career and powerful videography works in music videos with popular Haitian and American artists.

DRAMAFLS is bringing a new wave of hip-hop music for Haitians. In his musical career, the music artist has worked with many artists namely BigFa, Steves J Bryan, Zoeydollaz, Young flock, Biggystal, etc. His two recently released singles are “Rale Bagay feat. BigFa” and “Sway”.

He has also made a strong presence as a director in the music world. DRAMAFLS is receiving a positive response from Lil Haiti. Haitian people appreciate his musical talent and confidence. Often, they call him one of “the Cleaver Haitian Musicians”.

DRAMAFLS never compromises with his music quality and he mixes three or more languages in his musical works. The American music artist, videographer, and songwriter is working hard to make his clothing label popular globally. He aims to make his Haitian clothing brand, DIREKTÈ, popular in the international market by releasing amazing clothing products.


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D KIRK pulling in crowds with his sensational rap music




DKIRK KV is a name that doesn’t need an introduction among hip-hop music lovers anymore. The rapper has made a mark in the music industry in a very short time thanks to his phenomenal music-producing skills. 

DKIRK KV’s exceptional musical talent comes from his childhood. The US rapper’s father was a DJ who played all around the world. Hence, the music star had early access to music and its different sounds. The artist says, “My ears were engulfed by the sounds of Nelly, LL Cool, Michael Jackson, and Seal Paul.” 

The half Jamaican and half American singer hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He says that music officially came into his life in 2013. Kirk shares that he developed a love for the flows and rhythms of music, and set out to make his own mark in the music world. He is aware that his music has a great following already amongst youngsters and new rappers who see him as a solid role model. Even his contemporaries look at him with respect and admiration.

The rapping star describes his genre as rap and his style of music as dance hall. DKIRK KV himself has a list of people he wants to collaborate with. He says that those on the top of his list are Chris Brown, Tyga, Kid Ink, Big Sean and Tory Lanez. Even though each one of these artists have different vibes and music styles, D Kirk KV wants to get their guidance and be able to experience their process of creating music from up close. In a sense, all these artists are the rapper’s ideal musicians!

However, Kirk’s biggest inspiration is the Notorious B.I.G. The hip-hop star says that he can relate to BIGGIE in a lot of ways; he loves how much BIGGIE’s music is about culture and never giving up in life. He says that he’s learnt that one must constantly keep pushing themselves if they want to grow as an artist and make their name in the music industry.

One thing that he loves about music is that it is so personal and individualistic. One can pour their personality into their music and bring forward different perspectives through their sound. Nobody is restricted to only one sound, which makes the process of producing music and songs much more enjoyable. 

Sharing his goals for 2023, the rapper says that he wants to accomplish all his dreams and become a top choice musician. He says that it would be a dream cum true if he were on the BET Cypher list, which is a great recognition for a hip-hop artist! When asked what would he be doing if he were not a musician today, DKIRK KV says that he probably would have been a professional fitness trainer if he were not giving his all to music.  

At the moment, Kirk is working hard at building his influence on social media by making reels, having photoshoots, and engaging with his followers. However, it’s not only music that keeps this musician busy. Outside of music, DKIRK KV has a clothing line called D&J clothing. He is currently working on expanding the clothing line with his business partner. He plans to expand his clothing line to multiple locations. 

D Kirk sees himself having released multiple albums, gone on various music tours; and having dropped collaborations with his favourite artists in the next five to ten years. He believes in “being a smart business man with constant success”. When asked how he would adjust to being away from home while touring for an extended period, the musician says that while it might be difficult initially since he loves following a routine, he thinks he would adjust quickly too. He says that he has waited for this success for a long time and worked really hard at it, so he is looking forward to enjoying it.

Talking about his brand new song named Tempted Ft xBvalentine, Kirk says, “This song has a very different type of sound that puts you in the mood to dance all night”. The hip-hop and R&B singer is available on all social media channels as D Kirk (KV). 

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