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Features and Things to Know About Moissanite




Although insignificant, they are strong and can look almost identical. But there are low and high moissanite earrings.

Grading Color

Like diamonds, moissanite stones, especially Stud Earrings by MoissaniteCo are properly tested and graded. But grading moissanite is easy to learn. Most important is color. Moissanite is grouped into three categories: colorless (D, E, F), Near-Colorless (G, H, I), and Faint Yellow (J-K). Anything less fading yellow should not be sold. If you are looking for an alternative to diamonds, you should not aim for anything worse than almost color- colorless. I recommend that you spend more on color and less on carat size or earrings. You may not notice a sample difference between the same distance, so choosing color F compared to color D can save you a lot of money without sacrificing much.


The insertion affects the clarity and shine of your moissanite earrings. The most common needles are needles, which are thread-like defects and a major concern with gloss. Mineral crystals, small knots, flexors, and small holes can also be seen as embedded.

For earrings, you do not need to choose how you would like the moissanite ring, but I recommend that you stay away from any earrings included. Applying too little may be your best value, as imperfections will not be noticeable and you will spend far less money than you would otherwise get for high moissanite clarity.

Cut and Shape

For earrings, I recommend that you open up different cuts and shapes to achieve your favorite style. That being said, the rules, in a figurative sense, are no different than choosing the best diamonds. The glossy round cuts will provide great subtlety, but there are many other excellent cuts. Oval, square, oval, emerald, pillow, pear, glitter, marquise, and heart cust are all good choices and still give a lot of shine.

What kind of metal moissanite earrings are best?

If you want your moissanite earrings to last, I recommend choosing a stainless steel. The best options include 14K to 18K gold, platinum, and palladium. Stainless steel or surgical steel is lightweight and durable but hard to find. None of these types of metal will fade or damage and require easy maintenance and polishing.

Will the sanitizer damage the moissanite?

After all, it is unlikely that you will use an adequate disinfectant to get it on your hands and destroy your earrings in some way. It is possible that the sanitizer may affect the moissanite – any gem ring – over time. The concern is that chemicals can form over time and result in a dull appearance. Most of the time, cleaning and maintenance can eliminate this issue.

Will moissanite last forever?

No gemstones – not even diamonds – are guaranteed to last or look as good as the day you bought them, as much of this is related to care. That being said, moissanite earrings should last a long time and can be passed on even to generations if purchased with high quality.

Does salt damage moissanite earrings?

Salt will not damage the moissanite immediately, but you can damage it over time- as you would in any type of jewelry. For this reason, it is not a good idea to wear moissanite earrings on the sea (even unless they can be easily lost). Generally, you do not need to worry about a single exposure, but exposure over time can damage your jewelry.


Moissanite earrings can be beautiful. Aside from tacky earrings, moissanite earrings can be another way for diamond bridal earrings or any formal event. Make sure you buy in-lab items, not stimulants, and pay attention to quality. Focus on moissanite jewelry and earrings, and you can get even more by buying the entire collection of Moissanite earrings.

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