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First Forensic Body Farm Is Coming To Canada This summer




The new Forensic body farm facility is going to hit Quebec this summer. It will allow scientists to look into human decomposition while being in a Northern climate.

The facility is the brain child of Shari Forbes. She doesn’t like to boast about her work. Forbes is a forensic expert in thanatology, which is the study of death. Her work includes studying human bodies that are decomposing and examining the pattern in which insects eat the flesh of dead bodies, and whether they lay their eggs in a certain pattern.

As a forensic expert in thanatology, the study of death, she spends her days focused on decomposing human bodies — examining how insects eat flesh, when they lay their eggs, and even how cadaver dogs pick up a corpse’s odour.

“I’ve certainly learned to have a strong stomach,” she told As It Happens host Carol Off. “It’s required in this kind of research.”

Forbes is helping establish Canada’s first forensics body farm, an outdoor facility where human bodies are left to decay and scientists study the process. It will open this summer in Bécancour, near Trois-Rivières, Que.

The research done there will help forensic investigations Canada scientists understand decomposition, and will ultimately help investigators better determine time of death in homicide investigations.

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Experts Highlight the Duties and Responsibilities of an Auto Accident Lawyer that People Should Consider Before Hiring One




Results obtained from a global survey has highlighted that the demand for auto accident lawyers has been rising exponentially due to the rising number of accident cases. And many law experts have shared the importance of considering the duties and responsibilities of an auto accident lawyer before hiring one. A lot of people fail to get the right amount of compensation because of the lack of knowledge regarding what to expect from an attorney.

According to experts, an auto accident attorney has to clearly explain the rights of a person to him. He should be able to study the legal rights of a person as per the laws of a given state and include all the losses that a person has incurred in an auto accident. In addition to this, an auto accident lawyer has to remain in touch with his client so that a person can discuss every query at any time.

Secondly, experts said that an auto accident lawyer must provide the right advice to his client by interpreting the complex legal jargon. Many medical, legal, and insurance-related jargons is difficult for a person to understand on his own.

They said that an auto accident lawyer has to present his client with the best possible legal advice regarding his case so that he can make the right legal decision regarding his case. And most importantly, an attorney must be qualified enough to represent a personal injury case before the jury in a court by taking into consideration the legal procedures and other laws related to the case.

The main responsibility of an attorney is to seek the justice for his customer/client all personal and property damage. Car accident attorney should have to seek the compensation for his client and give his best to put you on winning side.

It is the responsibility of an attorney to collect all the necessary information related to the case including from police report, eye witnesses, evidences, drivers information from both side, insurance company of both side, health care provider and all the other useful information that can help in settlement.

The car accident attorney should have to document each and everything related to the case nothing should be verbal and while documenting he should write written discoveries to the opposition and answer the written discoveries from the opposition. He should also prepare and write the summons along with complaints. He should hire the experts if required to prove the client case which may include accident Reconstructions or may be medical expert.

Your lawyer must be able to discuss how your case will go further and especially if you don’t understand much, your effective participation will affect so you should know what the ups and downs are. He should also settle any outstanding medical bills with the client doctor.


In short, the main duties of your lawyer include preparation of the well-documented claim and making sure of your understanding of the case along with having a proactive mind to defend and win the claim.

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