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How Do SSD Volumes Work and how do you Maintain them for as Long as Possible?




Most of the computers are still using hard disk drives, also known as HDD. Traditional storage device like HDD is going to be around us for a longer time. HDD is not going anywhere sooner. The main reason behind the use of HDD is the low price range of this storage option. But we also need to know that Solid State Disk is the future of storage.

Most of the computers are now being introduced with SSD as the main storage option and companies are trying to replace traditional HDD with SSD. Even many users are now upgrading their old HDD for SSD.  If you are still stuck with low-speed machines and want to make an upgrade for your system, buying a new SSD can be a good option for your computer speed. This single upgrade in your computer can boost up considerable speed for your computer. Storage media play a crucial role in the performance of the system. SSD is a more efficient and faster option as compared to traditional HDD.

What is SSD?

SSD is the short form for Solid State Disk and it comes as the main storage option in today’s computer. SSD uses a memory chip instead of moving disk and it not only provides better speed but higher transfer rates too. As compared to HDDs, SSDs are way expensive.

There are different architectures in SSD just like and like any software development process; these layers in SSD also improve the quality. Just like hardware development, there are new trends in software industry too like Ruby on Rails software architecture.

Difference between HDD and SSD

Traditional hard disk drives use different magnetic disks to store data and these magnetic disks are known as platters. The head of HDD reads and writes information from these spinning magnetic disks. The arm positions the head at the very exact position on the magnetic disk where the action is to be taken.

The spinning of magnetic disks performs actions at lower speed and SSD does the same task in a different way. Although HDDs are pretty fast options still, today’s computer needed a faster solution for reading and writing data from the storage devices.

But in SSD, the information transferring process doesn’t depend upon any moving components. The data is saved on NAND flash. SSD is a faster option for memory needs an SSD can help to boot the system in a very little time. If traditional HDD requires 35 seconds for the system boot time, SSD can help to reduce the boot time from 35 seconds to 10 seconds.

SSD Prices and Reliable

Although the details about SSD look pretty cool and impressive ye if we only consider the speed of the system, SSD is the better option as compared to traditional HDDs but the prices ranges are too high in the market right now. Only 10% of computers are using SSD as main storage and the remaining are using traditional HDDs to store the data. HDD is available at cheaper rates in the market and many users are not ready to pay hundreds of dollars for SSD.

The reliably of the SSD is the second main issue that is keeping users away from buying. SSD makers are claiming that their products are more reliable than HDDs but we know that it is not true. Eventually, SSD is not a reliable option even in 2019. As you store more and more data on your SSD, it will tend to slow down with the passage of time. Even we have seen many cases where SSDs could not perform write operations due to flash cell issues.

How to Improve the Life of SSD?

SSD is an expensive option so make sure that you use this device as long as possible. If you don’t take good care of SSD, you might face different problems really soon.

Avoid Unnecessary File Writings

If you want to maximize the life span of your SSD, you must consider using it for important copying processes only. Extensive use of SSD can damage the flash cells and you might end up corrupting your device.


Don’t use harmful software just to measure the transfer speed of SSD. This information can be useful and you can know a lot with these tools but it can reduce the life of your SSD.

Upgrade your Operating System

Windows 10 comes with special features that are developed to support SSD as main storage so upgrade your OS to latest version to improve the working and life of your device.

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Samuel Leeds Buys Shares In Property Tribes; Says He Wants To Make It Better




People in UK property circles may be familiar with the very public dispute between former MTV presenter, property investor, and community manager of the company Property Tribes, Vanessa Warwick, & property investment trainer and owner of the company ‘Property Investors’, Samuel Leeds; as Leeds has accused Warwick of assisting with racism and discrimination against ethnic minority tenants. In recent news, Samuel Leeds was reported to have bought a 35% share of the company Property Tribes, making him officially now a person of significant control at Property Tribes.

Warwick established Property Tribes to accumulate wisdom from various property owners and landlords to create a place of guidance for people in the industry to do business better. According to the company,

“We wanted to create a free use, safe, and agenda-free place for landlords to get information from a “hive mind”, not a singularity, so that they could learn and grow their property business.”

However, in one of his recent videos, Samuel Leeds pointed out blatant support of racism in some of the advice coming from Warwick herself. As one of the landlords asks on the forum – if they would be implicated by the race discrimination laws in the UK for refusing tenancy to Bangladeshi families as the landlord is not fond of the smell of their staple food, curry; Vanessa Warwick herself is seen advising against mentioning the reason for said refusal, thus averting the legal repercussions altogether.

In the video, Leeds points out several more situations where Warwick has behaved in a racist manner. In fact, she has become a new advisor on the panel of the UK’s Property Redress Scheme and has been under criticism in their forum as well for supporting discrimination against ethnic minorities.

Warwick also expressed strong disapproval of Leeds as a property trainer citing the reason that his students came from the “vulnerable” demographic. Leeds called out the racist mindset in this reasoning, as in reality, his students predominantly come from ethnic minorities and don’t fall in the “vulnerable” category. He began drawing attention to the issue over his YouTube channel and his website, and ended up facing severe disparagement from Warwick and her followers. Leeds finally sued Warwick for defamation and she brought a counter lawsuit for six-figure damages.

In an attempt to put an end to the battle once and for all, Samuel Leeds reports to have bought a share, 35% to be exact, of the company, Property Tribes. Even though he is only a minority shareholder and will have limited control, Leeds believes he can make a difference in “cleaning up the company” and reduce racism in the forum.

He jokingly adds,

“Because they trolled me, I wanted to at least get paid… Like Michael Jackson did to Eminem.”

Leeds pledges that any money he makes off this transaction will be donated to charitable organisations that tackle racism and online bullying. In addition, Leeds will donate an extra £50,000 to organisations that fight hatred in the UK. With this move, he is determined to take a strong stand against all discriminations in the property sector or any other industry.

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