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How Fitness Expert Derek William’s Unorthodox Training Style Promotes Longevity Over Popularity




These days, in the fitness world, when describing the latest workout fads usually, they usually aren’t accompanied by words like longevity, strength and flexibility. But for leading fitness expert Derek Williams, his proven fitness philosophy demonstrates value far beyond instant gratification.

Growing up as an athlete, Williams had constantly been surrounded by fitness. But it wouldn’t be until later in life that he discovered the importance of health and its relationship with his fitness journey. It was no longer about achieving a perfect workout, but instead about how his training could be enhanced by implementing principles of health and science. Today his training and health philosophy is focused on what Derek calls “Strength through Length,” a style that promotes developing strength and power in the furthest range of motion, allowing for full maximum output of these muscles creating true force.

As part of Florida-based ATG (Athletic Truth Group), Williams is able to share his wealth of knowledge with members of the first of its kind online gym membership program. While his style of training helps people achieve their fitness goals, many clients are often athletes seeking rehabilitation through his unconventional philosophy. Williams employs exercises that are completely unprecedented, and yet simple and therefore logical. The style of training allows people to move and exercise as nature intends, bringing the body back into balance and then incorporating weights and flexibility to generate power and force. In light of this, athletes and civilians alike have been able to utilize Williams’ style of training to not only overcome previous injury but to come back better than ever. 

“Many old and young athletes come to us broken down and end up pain free and more athletic than ever,” Williams says.

And while he waits for the rest of the world to catch up with his groundbreaking style of training, Williams continues to break the barriers of fitness sharing all that he can, whether with his clientele at ATG or even through his own personal brand, Mr. 1nf1n1ty. Promoting strength, flexibility, and longevity, Williams remains determined to encourage fitness enthusiasts with his best-kept-secret-like training.

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Right Way to Wash Your Face: 7 Mistakes You’re Making




The extensive amount of face wash options can be overwhelming, there are lotions, milks, scrubs, foaming mousses, oils, wipes, motorized brushes, and more. However, even with all the advances in products, many of us are still sticking to the same face-wash techniques we grew up with. But now, you will know better. Educate yourself against these # mistakes you’re making and get squeaky clean skin.

Mistake 1: Wash and Go

Washing your face isn’t just a one-step process. Cleansers don’t usually remove all traces of makeup, so you’re in danger of leaving your pores clogged if you don’t remove makeup first. Use an oil-based cream, a cleansing oil, or even a makeup remover wipe to dissolve sunscreen and makeup. Then follow with lukewarm water and dime-size amount of cleanser on your fingers or a clean, damn washcloth. Rinse and dry with a soft paper towel if you’re acne-prone.

Mistake 2: Closing Your Pores

Sorry, ladies, but you can’t open or “close” your pores by massaging your face or splashing it with cold water. As a matter of fact, extreme heat can exaggerate problems like rosacea and redness. However, mild steam can help soften hardened oil in pores. So, it’s still not a bad idea to cleanse in the shower.

That said, mild steam can help soften hardened oil in pores, so it’s never a bad idea to cleanse in the shower.

Mistake 3: Picking Cleanser According to Skin Type

No matter what type of skin you have, there are certain ingredients that should never be in your face wash, including: fragrance, which can be irritating; parabens, since they’re potentially toxic preservatives; or harsh soap, it’s drying. If the cleanser fits that bill, it should work for any skin type, and the formula itself, whether cream, lotion, foaming, etc. is more of a personal preference. However, people with dry skin may prefer formulas with extra moisturizers, like glycerin or shea butter. And those with oily skin may want a foaming wash, since it leaves skin feeling superclean.

Mistake 4: Grainy Scrubs to Exfoliate and Smooth

A salicylic or glycolic acid cleanser is much gentler and more effective than grainy scrubs which are often too harsh on your skin. The thick grainy formulas can actually exaggerate the appearance of pores as well. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, use the salicylic or glycolic acid cleansers once or twice a week, and adjust depending on how your skin is looking and feeling.

Mistake 5: Using Toner

An alcohol-based toner strips your skin of natural oils. Gentle toners calm the skin and balance pH levels, but most cleansers take care of this step for you.If you must use a toner, stick with gentle, alcohol-free versions.

Mistake 6: Brushing Your Skin Daily

A brush removes oil, dirt, and dead skin better than your hands can, plus it’s gentler than most exfoliating cleansers or scrubs. In short, they are great, but they should be used sparingly. Constant exfoliation can cause inflammation. In addition, make sure you rinse and air-dry after use to keep the brush bacteria-free.

Mistake 7: Spending a Fortune

You know those top-quality ingredients, like retinol or antioxidants? Don’t waste money on them for products that you’ll just be washing down the drain. Save the pricier ingredients for leave-on products like serums and creams and always read beauty product reviews before going to buy any beauty product, because they are most effective when concentrated on the skin. 

Are there any switches you’ve made in your skin care routine lately? Let us know in the comments!

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