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Jordan Lintz Bets on Relentless Work Ethic




What does it take to succeed? Having a winning idea is not enough. It needs to be followed up with decisive action. Jordan Lintz, the co-founder of HighKey Holdings Inc., knows what perseverance means. He has helped scale three companies to extremely profitable ventures, and he’s got big plans for the future.

Jordan is the marketing mind behind HighKey Agency Inc., HighKey Technology Inc., and most recently HighKey Clout Inc. He constantly follows the trends in social media and advertisement in order to offer premium services to his clients. Jordan bets on a strong work ethic any day.

“For as long as I remember, I’ve been working between 60 and 75 hours a week. It’s not annoying or unpleasant, though, because I truly love my job. If I have free time, I convert that into work time. It makes me very fulfilled,” he shares.

Jordan’s relentless work ethic has resulted in him accessing some A-list celebrity names. He has collaborated with comedian Kevin Hart. actress Bella Thorne, musician Rick Ross, and the legendary Snoop Dogg to create celebrity giveaways. Working with anyone with a high net worth always requires a large degree of dedication. “They want to know that you’re as serious about business as they are. Your work ethic is something that you ultimately bond over,” says Lintz.

Jordan’s hard work is evidently paying off. HighKey Clout Inc., which was founded only a year ago, has already netted $10 million in profit. Jordan and the HighKey team have big plans for the company and are excited to push the limits, redefining the industry of social media and celebrity giveaways.

If he could give one piece of advice to newbie entrepreneurs, Jordan would tell them to worry about money last. “First, you need to set some goals for yourself, and then you need to pour all of your hard work into achieving those goals,” he shares, adding, “If all you think about is money, you won’t make it, or at least it will take you a long time.”

Jordan knows what it’s like to work for free. In those first few years running HighKey Tech, he and his brother-partner didn’t receive a single penny… “The goal wasn’t to be an employee, including an employee of myself. I wanted to be an owner, so I acted like one,” Jordan recalls.

He has built a team that directly reflects his values. “Every one of the 50 people on the HighKey team is a self-starter, motivated, and pushing the envelope. None of these people are traditional employees, and this is why we get along,” he says.

When asked whether he plans to retire, Jordan gives a firm, “No.” He sees no point in retiring if he enjoys what he does and has enough energy to put into it. Jordan wants to become even better at being a brand expert. That is his goal for the future. He admits that the aim he has set for himself is very high, and at times, makes him feel uncomfortable, but that is how he knows that the goal is worthwhile.

Jordan always stays impartial to the competition. “I’m on my own path and that’s all I care about,” he states firmly. He doesn’t allow peripheral things to distract him from the ultimate goal. Jordan’s work ethic keeps him going when things get difficult. He simply puts his head down and marches forward. “I always have a big-picture mentality, every day,” he explains, which makes the hardship a lot easier to withstand.

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VPNRanks Report Uncovers User Discontent with Majority of VPN Services




A groundbreaking report by VPNRanks reveals significant user dissatisfaction with the majority of VPN services, showing that 89% of VPNs globally fail to meet user satisfaction standards. This revelation comes at a critical time when digital security is paramount, and the demand for reliable VPN services continues to rise.

The Importance of User Satisfaction in the VPN industry

According to industry statistics from Global Market Insights, the global VPN market size was valued at USD 45 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 20% from 2023 to 2032. Driven by the growing instances of cybercrimes and data thefts, coupled with the increasing proliferation of wireless devices and digital infrastructures across industries, user satisfaction remains a critical challenge for many providers. High user satisfaction is essential for customer retention, brand reputation, and long-term success in the competitive VPN market.

“User satisfaction is the cornerstone of success in the VPN industry. In a market flooded with options, it’s the real user experiences that set the leading providers apart. VPNScore helps users navigate this complex landscape by highlighting services that excel in meeting user expectations,” said Muhammad Saleem Ahrar, COO of webAffinity, the team behind VPNRanks.

VPNRanks is a leading VPN review platform that leverages sentiment analysis to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews of VPN services. Its VPNScore is based on an AI-driven analysis of publicly available user reviews. The platform aims to simplify the process of identifying the best VPN provider tailored to each user’s unique needs.

VPNRanks Untangles Complex Findings on Key Features

VPNRanks evaluated four key features — ease of use, ease of setup, ability to meet user requirements, and quality of support — to identify the VPN companies that excel at customer satisfaction. To determine a final rank for each metric, VPNRanks combined a popularity score, which contributed 20 percent of the total, with a satisfaction score, which contributed 80 percent.

The study sifted through reviews on 93 paid VPN companies to determine the top providers. The VPNRanks report, issued in June 2024, provides rankings for each key feature and overall customer satisfaction. ExpressVPN achieved the top VPNScore — 6.29 out of 10 — for overall satisfaction globally. The next four top companies in that category, listed in descending order, are PureVPN, NordVPN, PrivateVPN, and Surfshark.

By assessing a variety of categories, the VPNRanks study reveals the challenges users face when trying to identify the best option to meet their needs. For example, NordVPN received a nearly perfect popularity score of 9.46 out of 10 but only a 4.7 satisfaction score. PrivateVPN received a satisfaction score of 6.69 out of 10, which rivaled ExpressVPN’s score in that category, but received a popularity score of only 1.23 out of 10.

The global rankings for ease of use illustrate how challenging identifying a quality provider can be. VeePN received a very high satisfaction score of 7.18 out of 10 while receiving a popularity score of less than 1 out of 10. The findings reveal a gap between user experience and market penetration that can effectively keep the best option hidden from the consumer.

The VPNRanks report gives users insight into satisfaction and popularity while providing a balanced assessment via its VPNScore. “Users should choose based on their priorities, whether it’s user satisfaction, market presence, or a balanced option,” the report states.

VPNRanks Shows Providers How to Become More Competitive

In addition to serving as a guide for consumers, VPNRanks also maps out a pathway for VPN providers seeking greater market share. The VPN providers that consistently appear in the top spots on the VPNRanks charts are those that have achieved a balance between popularity and user satisfaction. Those who neglect one or the other cannot keep pace with market leaders.

The report explains that those with high satisfaction scores but low popularity “might be well-loved by their users but need to increase their market visibility to compete more effectively.” Achieving overall success in the VPN market requires balancing user satisfaction with market presence, it advises.


As the need for VPN services continues to grow, businesses can expect to see more providers enter the market, making the task of identifying the best option more difficult. The insights VPNRanks provides stand as a timely beacon, guiding users to providers who can satisfy their needs and support their operations.

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