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Kevin Kellogg, The Man With A Vision




Nothing is unstoppable like a vision accompanied by a God-given determination to succeed, and Kevin Kellogg is consistently proving this point. At the age of 13, he already had a clear view of what his future should look like, and he put every ounce of his energy into reaching his goals. His first was to pay for his own car by the time he was 16, and he immediately set out to make that a reality. From mowing lawns and pulling weeds to painting houses, Kevin did every odd job he could get his hands on, living by a lesson that his father had taught him: “If you’re going to do something, do it right. Always look at your work when you’re done and make sure you didn’t miss anything. Your work has your name on it.”

With this in mind, Kevin plunged into early entrepreneurship. His exceptional work soon drew the attention of a local rental owner known as “Mr. Music”. Although Mr. Music was simply looking for Kevin to mow his lawn, it didn’t take long before Kevin was doing all sorts of maintenance on Mr. Music’s rentals. Through this time, a firm bond formed between the two of them, and Mr. Music soon became a huge part of Kevin’s life. The gentleman not only taught Kevin how to drive, but also how to properly care for his properties.

Thanks to odd jobs, a large amount of them for Mr. Music, Kevin was able to buy and restore his first car by the time he was 16, just like he had planned. Although he experienced satisfaction from a completed mission, he immediately began work on a new goal. Kevin wanted financial freedom. If he needed something, he didn’t want money to be an issue. Knowing already that it would be a long road, he started working at the local Publix supermarket while he was still in school, and, after graduation, turned this opportunity into a full time commitment. But it wasn’t enough that he was working for wages, Kevin knew he wanted to do more. He was an exemplary worker, and became a natural candidate for management positions. By the time he was 21, he was working as 2nd Assistant Manager, and, not long after, was promoted to Assistant Manager. Still, Kevin continued to push forward, aspiring to take on full store management. He strived to learn every aspect of the business in every department. In a short time, Kevin received the promotion he had worked for, and became the youngest store manager in the district. As always, Kevin put his heart into his new position. Refusing to be anything but the best, he consistently enrolled in professional and personal development courses. His achievements quickly began to stack up, and, by the time he retired from store management after 27 years of service, he had opened and organized two new stores for Publix, and was featured in multiple publications discussing the difference he had made in those around him. From coaching and mentoring store associates to serving on the boards of charities, Kevin truly made a difference.

Although he was overseeing approximately $17 million in annual sales and 150 support staff, Kevin knew he wasn’t done. His time working for Mr. Music had put a fire into him for real estate, and he hadn’t abandoned the thought of one day working in the field. When he retired from store management, it wasn’t to relax, it was to pursue his long term plan of a real estate career.

During the next two years, though, troubles arose for Kevin Kellogg. Just as he was looking to begin this new chapter in his life, the stock market crashed, and, along with it, the housing market. In spite of these events, Kevin didn’t focus on how hard it could be to start in a bad market, he focused on his vision. He knew that when things are at the bottom, there’s only one direction they can go: up. So he began climbing. Along with beginning his education, he took on a full time job at Merit Electronics, where he put his management skills to use once again. While spending his days at the store and taking real estate courses, he also began working as a real estate sales associate during weekends and evenings. During his first, very busy year, Kevin managed to help Merit Electronics achieve ISO 9001:2008 compliance, as well as successfully close five real estate transactions.

Part of Kevin’s plan was to work at several different real estate organizations so he could learn varying approaches to the real estate business. During the next few years, along with his continued full time position at Merit Electronics, Kevin worked in multiple different real estate offices, and closed 4 to 5 transactions per year. It was at this time that a local broker approached Kevin with a job offer, and he gratefully accepted.

Kevin, as always, excelled. He was given ten properties to manage, which he grew to thirty within the year. He consistently brought in clients and finalized transactions, but his vision wasn’t quite fulfilled yet. This point was driven home one day, when, after he had closed four real estate deals in a single month, the owner of his company said, “Good job, Kellogg, now go and get me some more.” Although it was meant to be encouraging, it solidified in Kevin that he couldn’t be happy working for someone else. He needed to start his own company.

In 2013, Kevin met Ramona, his future wife. Their first date consisted of sitting on a beach and discussing their values and visions, and they immediately began to formulate a plan for starting their own realty company. Ramona said, “Tell you what, you do the deals, and I’ll do the paperwork.”

Ten months later they were married, and had begun work on Logical Choice Realty Group. Kevin was constantly educating himself and taking classes while also working tirelessly to build their new company. He began to enroll other business members to manage investments and rental properties as well as real estate sales, and, in 2016, quit working for other offices. He was finally set to focus on his own dream. During their first full year of business – 2017 – LCRG closed 17 real estate transactions and was managing over 100 investment properties, and they are currently still growing. Even now, as a successful business owner and an author of a bestselling book, Kevin truly believes that the best is yet to come, and he won’t stop working until he’s achieved exactly what he sees as the best in both professional and personal life. This, no doubt, is obvious to his clients, who receive only the best in customer service, and, just as importantly, investment and real estate options that are devised exactly the same way Kevin lived his whole life: with a will to make a difference in the lives around him, a definite vision, and a plan to make success happen.

Logical Choice Realty Group has a passion for their community, and loves serving and giving back. They are heavily involved in charity groups and humanitarian efforts, and believe in investing in children, who are the future.

To learn more about the accomplishments of this exceptional man and his company, visit:

For more information on Logical Choice Realty Group, visit the company website:

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From Contracts to Counsel: Your Essential Guide to Hiring a Probate Attorney in Chicago




Like many people, you’ll come across the term probate after a loved one, such as a parent or spouse, passes away. So, what is probate, and why do you need an attorney for it? As defined in Forbes, probate is a legal process that occurs after death. It entails transferring the assets of the decedent (the person who passed) to beneficiaries named in their last will. 

With that in mind, having a probate lawyer by your side is essential. The last thing you want to do is deal with the legal complexities of settling a loved one’s estate while grieving. A probate lawyer oversees the validation of the deceased’s will and the fair distribution of assets among family members. One challenge lies in finding a top-quality probate lawyer.

In this guide to hiring a probate attorney in Chicago, we’ll discuss the tips to identify the right legal professional for probate proceedings. 

Understand the Responsibilities of a Probate Lawyer

It’s difficult to hire a talented probate lawyer when you don’t know what they do: Start by understanding the roles they play. 

When you work with a Chicago probate lawyer, some tasks they might do include: 

  • Act as an estate executor or administrator 
  • Collect proceeds from the life insurance policies of the deceased
  • Identify and secure the decedent’s assets
  • Get an appraisal for the deceased’s estate
  • Pay debts and resolve estate tax issues
  • Prepare and file documents required in probate court
  • Transfer assets to rightful heirs
  • Represent you in litigation proceedings if someone challenges or contests the will

A probate lawyer could also help you and your family navigate state inheritance laws if a loved one dies without a valid will. That way, you can avoid unnecessary taxes or other ramifications of not creating a will, such as losing ownership rights of the deceased’s business or financial support.

Search for Lawyers Online and Offline

You’re probably thinking, where do I find the best lawyer to hire? You could seek referrals from friends or colleagues. Friends who worked with probate attorneys before might provide important details, such as how the lawyers communicate and handle the probate process. 

Alternatively, do a simple online search using the terms “probate lawyer near me” or “probate attorney in Chicago.” Go through various websites or online directories and write names of lawyers with positive ratings and customer testimonials. Then, contact the potential lawyers to set up free consultations. Note that not all legal professionals offer free consultations, so make sure to ask before setting a time in your calendar. 

Ask the Right Questions

A free consultation provides opportunities to ask questions to better understand if the lawyers in question have the qualifications to handle your probate case. 

Four questions you might ask attorneys during the initial meeting may include:

  1. Do You Have Experience in Probate Law? 

When evaluating lawyers, prioritize experience. An experienced probate lawyer is aware of common pitfalls that can result in the probate petition being postponed or dropped by a judge. To feel more comfortable about an attorney’s expertise, ask them if they’ve handled probate cases similar to yours before. 

For example, let’s say the deceased owned a substantial estate or had complicated assets like royalties and mineral stocks. Working with an attorney with a track record of successfully handling cases like that could save you time and money in the long run.

  1. What Do Other Clients Say About You?

Experience alone doesn’t make a probate lawyer perfect for your case. Look for someone with an outstanding reputation. These reviews likely live on Google next to their business profile or are featured on their website. If you can’t find any endorsements, ask for testimonials written by past clients. 

One point to focus on is what reviewers say about the lawyer’s efficiency and speed. Beyond that, does the lawyer offer expert guidance, conflict mitigation, and proper asset management during probate? 

A probate attorney in Chicago, IL, should be an efficient expert in asset preservation. This can be crucial to helping avoid hefty taxes and excessive debt claims. Additionally, if the lawyer receives positive feedback on conflict mitigation, it suggests they have experience in resolving or mitigating family conflicts that tend to stall the probate process. 

  1. How Long Does Probate Last? 

One way to test a probate lawyer’s knowledge is by asking them, “How long does probate last?” While the numbers vary, probate can last for a few months to over a year in many states, including Chicago. When highlighting factors that affect the duration of probate, your counsel might mention things like estate size, family disputes, debt and taxes, absence of a will, and state laws.

A knowledgeable lawyer can explain clearly why your probate case could last a few months or even years. A lawyer that makes too brazen or hard-set of promises might not be the most honest. 

  1. How Do You Want Us To Communicate? 

There’s no hard rule on how you and your probate attorney communicate. You can talk via text messages, email, video calls, or phone calls. More importantly, check that the attorney communicates in simple language to help you understand your case. 

In fact, one essential of a lawyer’s dos and don’ts to gaining clients’ trust is to avoid making clients feel clueless. If a potential lawyer uses complex legal terms or avoids communicating directly, search for probate services elsewhere.

Conclusion: Finding a Probate Attorney in Chicago

Reviewing the will of a loved one after their death and ensuring fair distribution of their assets often involves complex legal issues. For this reason, consider hiring an attorney who specializes in probate law. 

To maximize your chances of finding the right probate lawyer, familiarize yourself with their responsibilities. Next, search online for lawyers within your state or ask for recommendations from people you trust. Then, interview prospects to help ensure they possess experience, a remarkable reputation, communication skills, and knowledge of probate law.

Settling the affairs of a loved one who has passed on can be an overwhelming time. A probate attorney can help lift some of the pressure off your shoulders as you focus on grieving and healing. 

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