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Kishmel Eagar Offers Sure Fire Tips For Running A Social Media Marketing Agency




Young digital marketing expert, Kishmel Eagar, shares tips on how to successfully run a digital marketing agency Instagram

Kishmel Eagar is the founder of Entry Points Creative Agency and a digital marketing expert that has been able to carve a niche for himself in the industry. Over the years, Kishmel, otherwise known as “Establishing,” has achieved amazing feats that only a few can boast of having in a relatively short while. From starting an agency to generating 5 figures in 8 months and working with more than 200 influencers and entrepreneurs across different industries, Kishmel has seemingly seen it all and done it all in the digital marketing sphere. He recently shared his wealth of experience in building and running a digital marketing agency, highlighting proven techniques that will help propel any agency to success.

Focusing on social media marketing, Kishmel takes digital marketing solutions providers by the hand, showing them ways of satisfying the needs of their clients without hurting the agency’s social media presence. Often times, owners of digital marketing agencies neglect their social media accounts while focusing on the projects of their clients. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to the firm as potential clients tend to pick agencies with great presence on social media. Consequently, having an inactive or disengaged social media account might spell doom for any digital marketing agency. Kiskmel, therefore, aims to right the wrongs by providing three tips for running a successful agency Instagram.

The three tips as highlighted by Kishmel are as follows:

  • “Capture Behind-The-Scenes,”
  • “Position Yourself as a Resource,” and
  • “Make Your Own Social Media A Client”

Kishmel advised agency owners Instagram to let their audience and potential clients see the people behind the strategies and numbers. According to him, Instagram Stories will be a great tool of keeping up engagement while showing clients behind-the-scenes.

The founder of Entry Points Creative Agency also advised that agencies position themselves as an authority in social media marketing. Sharing a few “insider” tips about digital marketing will position the agency as an authority and the go-to expert for potential clients.

The third point on Kishmel’s list of tips for running a successful agency Instagram is treating the agency’s channel as a client. Dedicating a half-hour to go over content ideas as a team and planning it out will go a long way in improving the agency’s social media presence and making the agency more visible to clients.

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