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Many Companies to benefit from Serverless Security Technology




Many companies, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Airbnb, are moving towards serverless architecture today. And that is because with this, they can easily hand-off the server management. In addition, scaling up of requests have also become easy, without digging a hole in the budget.

Serverless apps are today becoming very common. Whether it is about the serverless apps, or simply migrating your existing project, serverless architecture is coming very handy. There are many other advantages of this, which are pushing majority of companies to go serverless. And they are:

  • Cost
  • Server Management
  • Scalability
  • Faster time to market

These benefits are a huge push to the serverless technology market of today.

Thanks to Protego, Serverless Security has also become one of the most popular architectural frameworks today. This serverless security technology provides the companies with unmatched security and control over the applications which are serverless. It has helped numerous companies from the development stage up till the runtime phase.

Some benefits you get from this serverless security include:

  • Minimize serverless attack surface
  • Detect attacks and provide application visibility
  • Provide elastic serverless security

These are few of the benefits you would get from making a shift to serverless technology. So it is high time you make that shift and grow your business even more.

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It is Better to Buy a Used Car in Michigan Rather than a New Car




Vehicle prices always remain high in any season. A lot of shoppers are confused about whether to purchase a new car or a used car. The average new car price in 2019 is more than $37,000 according to car experts. SUVs are selling at a much higher price than last few years. So it is better to buy a used or leased car rather than buying a new car. 

In Michigan, manufacturers are charging average lease amount of $450 for a month. And on a new purchase, you will be charged with $550 monthly for the six-year loan. A three years old SUV can save you $13,000 or more. A leased or used car generally comes installed with quality used engines parts that make them affordable for everyone. 

People in Michigan are looking for certified pre-owned cars which come with bumper-to-bumper warranties and are passed with full inspection. There are many reasons that are making new cars and their parts expensive this year, including interest rate which is highest for new cars since the 2010 recession. The average APR is now 6.28%, as compared to 5.5% last year. Skip the top models and choose a model with cloth seats or without tech package.

Almost every three years old vehicles have Bluetooth technology, used engines in better condition and rearview cameras. The original owner can take 20% hit on cars even after three years of operation. The purchased used car has still enough life remaining which a second owner can purchase.

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