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One and Done Workout Reviews – Meredith Shirk 7 Minute Workout – One and Done Workout Free Download




One and Done Workout is a unique at-home workout program designed by Meredith Shirk that claims to rev-up your sluggish metabolic rate to its limits. The program is specifically designed for those individuals who have never worked out before or are getting back into it after a long break. The fourteen-day program aims to burn extra layers of fat and increase the endurance of both the heart and lungs. More importantly, the exercises in the program are designed to be performed in-home.

Nowadays, whenever we think about losing weight or getting back into shape the only place that comes to our mind is the Gym. While going to the gym and working on ourselves is very healthy given our sedentary lifestyle, many of us end up canceling our gym memberships after a short time. There can be many reasons behind it, but the fact remains that taking out time from our busy schedules and going to the gym is not feasible in the long run.

The One and Done workout plan provides a unique solution to the gym problem. It aims to push our bodies to their limits while staying inside our houses. So, let’s review the program and figure out if it is a viable alternative to the gym.

Meredith Shirk Reviews

Before diving into the program let’s talk about its creator Meredith Shirk. Some of the fitness freaks out there may recognize her as she’s pretty famous in the industry. For those who don’t know, she is a certified professional fitness trainer, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. She has been working in the industry for more than ten years now. She also has multiple associations with many fitness brands and companies. You may reach out to her on her Instagram or YouTube channel. She created the One and Done program for those individuals who can neither go to the gym nor hire a personal trainer.     

One and Done Workout Program

Meredith’s One and Done program is based on a special exercise regimen that she claims to be the essence of her experience in the industry. It is purely based on the assumption that you do not require any equipment to follow the program. The exercises are based on a highly efficient Sprint Interval Training (S.I.T Ironic right?) that provides faster benefits in less time compared to traditional workouts in the gym.

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The program is equivalent or better than HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which is one of the most popular workout programs. S.I.T provides very similar benefits but takes a lot less time compared to traditional HIIT training. Moreover, it does not require you to use treadmills or elliptical to complete the workout. All the program requires is your will to complete it, a solid floor, and something to hold on to like a chair or even a wall.

The fourteen-day program is very simple as it requires only seven minutes from your day. The ideology behind the program is that after every 20-second intense workout, there will be an active rest period for a whole minute and a 10-second passive rest period, which will be repeated with different exercises in the whole 7-minute period. The 20-second intense thermogenic workout period works as a trigger. It compels our body to increase the metabolism rate and thus the fat burning process ramps up, even in the minute-long active resting phase the body keeps on burning through the fat. Finally, the whole process works by tricking the body into releasing fat-burning hormones later which can naturally help you lose weight. 

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Other than losing weight the exercises in the program also help with chiseling out your muscles as well. Since the muscles remain in a stressed position throughout the workout the by-product could be a well-shaped body. You should note that the program does not claim that you’ll get in the best shape of your life within 14 days. It only helps you get better by tricking your body into burning fats for an excess period while at the same time providing a healthy amount of workout to the muscles.

Are seven minutes enough?

People usually spend hours working out on different muscles while the One and Done program claims to replace your traditional workout program by only making your work for seven minutes. To get in shape it does not matter how much time you spend working out rather it’s the intensity that matters. Pushing the body to its limits for seconds is probably much better than just draining out the body.

So, a seven-minute workout specifically designed to push our bodies to their limits is probably better than spending hours in the gym.

One and Done Workout Advantages

The program aims to help with losing fat, muscle toning as well as endurance training. It provides a range of health benefits such as the reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases as well. You can expect the program to provide:

Faster weight loss

The primary aim of the program is to help you get rid of the excess fat from the body. The S.I.T exercises are designed to take our body into the fat-burning stage and trick it to stay in the stage for longer periods. In some cases, people experience the phase to continue for at most 24 hours. So, the number of calories burnt, and weight loss is much faster and more efficient than any other program.

Endurance training

As we gain weight our stamina and endurance levels start lowering and we get tired after doing little to a low amount of work. The One and Done program can help with increasing our endurance and stamina levels as well. Since the exercises are designed to be done right after another with only 10-second rest intervals it pushes our bodies to their limits which helps with breathing and as we continue with the program the stamina increases gradually.

Muscle Toning

Getting rid of extra fat layers from our bodies is not enough in most cases. The muscles underneath need to be toned enough to boost our confidence. Most people especially women want a lean and toned body. The good thing about the program is that it tones every inch of our muscles without involving strength training or other workout methods to train the muscles. 

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Value Additions – Bonus

When you purchase the workout plan from the official site you not only get the manual and videos but also two bonus items free of cost. These include:

  1. 10-Day ‘Done-For-You’ Keto Restart Meal Plan
  2. 101 Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes

Both of these complement the effect of the workout plan since a healthy diet is at least as important as the workout plan.


One and Done Workout program is only available through the official website at only $37. Add the fact you are not only getting the workout manual and videos of Meredith Shirk showing the exercises but also a 10-Day ‘Done-For-You’ Keto Restart Meal Plan and 101 Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes. So, it is a steal only if you are sure to follow it regularly.

Conclusion – Does One and Done Workout Really Work?

The One and Done workout plan is designed to guide those individuals who have given up on their lengthy and hectic workout routines in the gym. The plan only demands seven minutes from our busy lives to turn it upside down. The cheap price and value additions do make it a compelling purchase, but it is not about the price or even its benefits. The program requires a strong commitment. If you are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle, do think about getting into the program as well. 

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