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Rahul Borole Speaks About His Journey From An Ordinary Student To A Successful Photographer And A Social Media Marketer




Wrong are the people who say backbenchers can’t be bosses. Not every person who is a scholar is meant to be a boss. It all depends upon how smart you are at work. A mediocre student in school, Rahul Borole is now on his way to become a brand by himself. He is a photographer and a social media marketer based in Aurangabad. Owner of RB Social Media Marketing Agency, Borole has many small-scale brands in his clientele and his list is expanding with each passing day. Before getting into social media marketing, he started working as a photographer. A self-learner, Rahul learnt photography by himself and today he has mastered the art in it.

During school, he spent more time in photography than in studies. “I was an ordinary student in school and college. Not a scholar and definitely not someone who got good grades. My inclination was in other co-curricular activities and I realized creativity was what made me happy. I still remember I bought a cell phone in which I clicked pictures, but it was not enough for me. Later, I got my hands on the Canon DSLR camera after which I began my profession as a photographer.” Besides wedding shoots, indoor and outdoor shoots, modelling portfolio and corporate shoots; the young man has also covered events for India’s political figures including Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Pramod Rathod, Devendra Fadnavis to name a few.

As far as his company RB Social Media Marketing Agency is concerned, it is doing pretty well. A one-stop destination for online marketing, the agency has helped in building an online reputation of many local brands. Rahul being a social media savvy has his presence on almost every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin. The 29-year old without anyone’s backing has already established himself in the market and now he has got major plans of venturing into other fields as well. We wish this bundle of talent lots of luck and we hope his success streak continues in the coming year as well.

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Types of  Vape Pens




Vape pens come in cylindrical shapes and distinct styles. When vape pens came out in the 2000s, it was considered innovative to have a huge battery inside and the microchip being inside the battery. Today’s vape pens have many advanced and latest features inside them. Latest vape pens have features that are found in third generation mods to equip the outdated-fashioned devices with today’s vaping technology power. Vape pens are used mostly by teenagers who are new to vaping. Because these are portable and easy to carry, vape pens are sold in huge numbers every year.

So let’s find out about four distinct types of vapes pens.

Tube Mods

Tube mods are very portable to use. They can fit right into your pocket. A tube mod is easy to fill and very simply used. It just makes you think as if you are smoking a real cigarette. It just has one button to press which makes it very easy to use. The use of sub-ohm tanks in it are sufficient to address your nicotine cravings. Tube mods have very few features to worry about when adjusting them.

Fixed voltage vapes

All vape pens in start had fixed voltage which could not be altered. These vapes have a consistent voltage output. There is no need to play with the settings since it only comes with one option. Just fire the button and enjoy it.

Variable temperature vapes

These vape pens automatically adjust the power output which depends on the temperature chosen by the user. It does so by automatically adapting to the resistance of the coil to eradicate any dry hits. Variable temperature feature has been implemented on the outdated styled vapes too. Not all vape pens have this feature. It is easy to use, available almost everywhere.

Variable voltage vapes

These vapes are the most bought ones. They have a feature that allows you to control the voltage, thus altering the flavor intensity and the smoke cloud. Older models of vapes also make use of this feature but on less powerful batteries. Today’s variable voltage vape pens operate on powerful batteries. You can play around with this vape by increasing and decreasing the voltage over and over again.

Are vape pens good for you?

As we know everything has it’s own pros and cons. Vape pens are user friendly. They are portable and easy to adjust and use almost everywhere.  They come in a huge variety of colors and sizes for you to pick up your favorite combination. They have a more pronounced flavor with a very significant amount of smoke cloud production. You can adjust the amount of smoke if you have the variable voltage vape.

On the other hand, vape pens have short battery life and could be having device issues as well like loose buttons or battery leakage, etc.

Vape pens are affordable for everyone and give you a very good vaping experience. If you are planning to get your first vape pen, you can buy it at Slickvapes.

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