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Since the Black Thursday in March, Bitcoin Reserves have dropped




With the pandemic of coronavirus threatening the strongest of economies, the Bitcoin is also taking a massive hit. It is more about the uncertainty of the market that’s toppling everyone.

There are many withdrawals in the market. And since March 12, which is known as the black Thursday, Bitmex has seen a 36% withdrawal from its reserves.

Bitmex is not alone; Bitstamp customers have also withdrawn. The questionable state of the market is also not helping with the situation.

Before the Black Thursday, Bitmex was flourishing. However, its reserves had started dwindling since January. And according to, Bitmex had more than 306,000 bitcoin held in reserves, but now, after the exchange, it has only 228,000.

It shows that the Bitmex customers removed 36% of the BTC. Also, it means that the firm withdrew the Bitcoin it had in its possession and transferred the funds elsewhere.

Coinbase also has the same story. It had 1 billion BTC in reserves as of January 25. It had a stash of $8.57 billion, but now it has a reserve of $6.92 billion. Along with Coinbase, Huobi is also suffering. It has 9.38% of its BTC reserves removed from the exchange.

Bitfinex also lost its reserve in the last three months of this year. It has lost 29% of its reserve. Along with Bitfinex, Bitstamp Clients also withdrew 72%.

Earlier it held the sixth position, but now it holds the 11th place. Kraken’s Customers also withdrew its reserves. And its reserves have dropped 24% since January 25.

The current situation does not guarantee any improvement. It all depends on when the effects of the virus will wane. And then the market can start growing again.

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Oshenwatch is a perfect replacement of Apple Watch at an affordable price




Nowadays more and more people are into fitness. Everyone wants to keep track of their health. Smartwatches are the new trend. People who aren’t even into fitness have these watches because it links to their smartphones. However, smartwatches cost a fortune.

An Apple watch is going to be very expensive, that’s why not many people can afford it. Oshenwatch is an excellent replacement for Apple Watch. It is a fitness tracker that costs only a fraction of an Apple Watch. Moreover, it performs all the functions of an Apple watch at a seemingly low price.

Oshenwatch has many features that make it worth having. It has an advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology and hands-free access. Oshenwatch can also answer phone calls and messages. Meaning it can be easily connected to your smartphone without any fuss.

What sets it apart from other cheap Smartwatches is the Biometric sensors that are integrated into it. It is a great fitness tracker as well, and it monitors heart rate. Other than that, it monitors sleep quality l, calorie intake, and blood pressure. If you are an athlete, then it also tracks your running route and how much you cover every day.

Oshenwatch is one of the best fitness trackers out there. And it is one which people can really afford. It is easy to set up and connects with smartphones seamlessly.

Moreover, it has a long battery life. You can wear it for a long time. Not only is the battery of oshenwatch durable, but its material and design are as well. That’s the reason it is the best alternative of an Apple watch in the market.

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