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Suk Ram – The Definition of Class, Elegance and Determination




We all have dreams; some of us aspire to earn a luxurious lifestyle while some want to earn fame. However, only a few of us actually have the determination to turn those dreams into reality, and these are the people who leave a mark on this world. An example of such type of people is Suk Ram, whose only aim was to excel in what he does – and he has.

Suk Ram is a hairstylist by profession. He entered this industry when he was merely a teenager. “At the age when children love to play video games and sports, I would be practicing hairstyles on friends, family and anyone who would let me”, Suk Ram says. His passion for hairstyling is what drove him into this industry and two decades later, he has become an internationally-known personality.

Suk Ram has worked with many celebrities and brands. According to him, he has always been passionate about what he does. When he entered the hair industry, his only goal was to learn more and grow every day so that he can give his customers exactly what they want. However, due to his impressive skills and ability to adapt to customer’s needs, Suk Ram has reached heights of success – with his hair salon, WOWOW! Hair International and his product range, Suk Ram Hair Care.

About His Brand – WOWOW! Hair International

Suk Ram is the founder of WOWOW! Hair International, a premier hair salon based in the United Kingdom. The salon provides all hair-related services, including styling, hair treatments, and color. Suk Ram’s ability to turn any type of hair into a magnificent piece of art has made this salon popular in the celebrity circle as well, and now many world-famous celebrities are Suk Ram’s loyal customers. He defines his brand’s vision in the following words:

“For many, hairstyling is the word with a definition of enhancing the looks of an individual, but I created my own insight into hairstyling. This is- it’s about breaking the boundaries around the dreaming thoughts and giving them a true visual representation by connecting my hands on the hair to be worked on.”

As if these achievements were not enough, Suk Ram decided to go for another! He has recently become the talk of the town with his new luxury hair care range.

About Suk Ram’s Hair Care Range

Launched in summer 2019, Suk Ram’s product range comprises a collection of 29 beautiful haircare products, namely Suk Ram Argan Oil, which helps you achieve a long lasting natural shine; Repair Mask with Argan & Quinoa which helps in managing dry and colored hair; Moisturizing Repair Hair Spray, and mineral rich sea salt infused with Wild Peach extract. Preserving nature is one of the most important values for Suk Ram’s brand, which is why their products are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Made from the finest natural ingredients sourced within Australia and topped with Suk Ram’s brilliance, these products are like magic in a bottle!

Perhaps what differentiates Suk Ram from others in the hairstyling industry is his passion for experimenting. Suk Ram appreciates modern days trends but does not believe in following trends; rather, he believes in creating hair trends. “Yes, a good hairstylist keeps up with new trends, but an excellent hairstylist is the one that makes those trends,” he says. Suk Ram believes hairstyling is an art, and every artist has a unique vision which forms the outline of his work. Similarly, before trying out something new, Suk Ram visualizes it in his head, and then goes on to show his magic!

When asked how he feels about his success, Suk Ram gave the credit to those around him that have believed in him since the early days. According to him, focus and determination play an important role in the success of any individual or establishment and without this, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this. He is truly an inspiration for everyone!

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