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Takahashi Delivers Promising Performance in Yokohama Triathlon




Yuko Takahashi, one of the newly joined members of multinational triathlon, won victory in the elite competition of World Triathlon Series. After this grand victory in the competition, this 28-year-old athlete said that she had turned out to be an impetus to her teammates.

As per Takahashi’s comments, her teammates had greatly assisted her in the running and biking sessions. Especially, Taylor Spivey, one of her teammates, had played an important role.

Takahashi is now preparing herself to win the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The world-ranking list of International Triathlon Union reveals that presently Takahashi holds 15th position. Takahashi has admitted that Taylor has better skills in sprinting. Now, she is striving to gain more motivation and confidence for the 2020 Games.

Ai Ueda, one of the reputed triathletes, is anticipating that Takahashi will take a position in Olympics for the fourth consecutive time. Ueda had suffered from different injuries during the sports tournaments. However, after going through the surgeries, she came back to the sports world very fast.

Ueda, the two-time medal winner at Yokohama meet, said that she is determined to win a medal in Tokyo Olympics. As some of her body parts are not easily movable, she is improving them.

At the same time, Toshiyuki insisted on the need of having better male athletes in the team. Presently, there are five female athletes from Japan to take part in Yokohama competition. Toshiyuki said that the national team must focus on increasing the chance to win the medal at Olympics.

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Aaron Rodgers Signs $150m Contract as Green Bay Packers Retain Star Quarterback




If you are a Green Bay Packers fan, then the news that Aaron Rodgers has pledged himself to the Lambeau Field franchise for another three years will be music to your ears. The veteran quarterback has completed back-to-back NFL MVP award-winning seasons, and many may have feared that another offseason filled with ‘will-he, won’t he’ rumors were on the cards, but that’s now been neatly avoided.

38-year-old Rodgers has put pen to paper on a deal that will net him a massive $150m and makes him the best-paid player in the league. His first year will amount to $41m, the second is worth $59, and his third will work out at $49m. That may seem like a hefty sum, but Rodgers reportedly actually turned down a higher amount, knowing that doing so would free up money to improve the deals of other players (and possible newcomers to the Packers ranks).

The retention of Rodgers will, of course, offer a massive boost to Matt LaFleur’s team’s push for a Super Bowl title, and if you take a look at any odds comparison site, you’ll see that Green Bay are now at around the (+1100) mark, meaning that only the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ahead of them in the betting.

Rodgers has been in superb form over the past few seasons, showing that age hasn’t caught up with him, and there is certainly plenty more left in the tank. Next season will be his 18th with the Packers, and he has led his team to the playoffs in each of the past three campaigns. 

During that period, the Packers have a 39-6 record in regular-season action, which is a frightening level of consistency, and keeping such a hugely talented player at the team is something that has been widely applauded.

Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst remarked;

“We are very pleased to be able to come to an agreement with Aaron that keeps him in Green Bay,”

“His play on the field and leadership in our locker room remain vital in our pursuit of another Super Bowl title. The agreement also allows us to maintain and enhance what we feel is already a very competitive roster.”

The new deal for Rodgers has left back-up QB Jordan Love considering his options, and one imagines he may look to leave Green Bay in order to find game time elsewhere. 

On that point, comments from LaFleur suggest that they may not stand in his way, should he indeed look to find a new team;

“Jordan’s come a long way,” 

“I still think, with any young player that hasn’t gotten maybe the experience up to this point, there’s still a lot of room for growth. So I think it’s going to be an important offseason, that when he does come back, it’s making sure that his footwork is sharp, that he’s on the details of what we’re trying to accomplish on each and every play and all the concepts, really a mastery of the offense, and just the command that he has. I know he takes that to heart, and he takes it very personally, and he’ll do whatever he can to be his best.”

One thing is for sure. Trying to force your way from behind the shadow of such an accomplished player, such as Aaron Rodgers, isn’t something that can be easily achieved. Hence the likely need to move on rather than sit on the sidelines for another three years.

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