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What to Do If You Are a High-Risk Woman




It is the desire of every woman to become pregnant and give birth without complications. However, your pregnancy can be considered high-risk when difficulties arise, posing a threat to your health or your baby’s. Although this can happen to any pregnancy at any time, certain complications or risk factors can be present, telling you that you are a high-risk woman. This can help your OBGYN in Trinity Florida, at Suncoast Women’s Care to offer high-risk obstetric care to help you through your pregnancy. If you learn you are high-risk, the following can minimize your health risks and put your mind at ease. 

Know Your Risks

As mentioned earlier, several factors and complications increasing your chances of issues during your pregnancy can already be known. It can be a lifestyle issue that you already know or a genetic factor you are not aware of. That is why it is crucial to explore expert care during pregnancy, as your provider can help you detect the factors raising your risks. You can review your family history and pinpoint some concerns that your provider will help you understand and know.

Manage Your Weight

One of the common factors that contribute to high-risk pregnancy is obesity. It can cause several complications during your pregnancy period and birth. Therefore, it would help to maintain a healthy weight before or during your pregnancy. Speak to your provider about your weight maintenance goals, and they will guide you accordingly. Eating a healthy diet and being physically active, particularly during pregnancy, can help you avoid complications resulting from obesity.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

It would be good if you realized you have to stop smoking and drinking before getting pregnant. This would make it easy for you to quit smoking and alcohol consumption entirely during your pregnancy. Nevertheless, you have to avoid such behaviors to safeguard your baby’s health and lower your chances of complications. Also, it would be fit to limit your caffeine intake as it can increase your risk for complications.

Never Miss Your Prenatal Appointments

Depending on your particular risks, you might often require visits to your doctor. It would be good to ensure that you do not miss even one, as you might need several additional lab tests or checkups during certain stages of your pregnancy. Also, it would be best to follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully between your appointments to ensure the effectiveness of the efforts to minimize your risks. Your provider may ask you to look out for specific symptoms you need to be keen on and contact them immediately after experiencing them.

Manage Stress

Although learning that you are high-risk may concern you, it is critical to minimize your stress levels during such a time. It is normal to be anxious or scared about your pregnancy, but it can hurt you and your baby if you can not sleep at night. Recent studies have found that stress during pregnancy can impact your baby’s nervous system development during your pregnancy or after birth. You can try adopting self-relaxation techniques such as listening to music or meditating. You can also communicate to your doctor if you feel that your stress is unmanageable.

You surely can do a lot to minimize your risks of complications during pregnancy. But it will begin by identifying those risk factors, and your providers at Suncoast Women’s Care can help you. Book an appointment today and learn how you can safeguard your health and that of your child.

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Tap Into The Healthy Power of Citrus Fruits This Summer




June is Peak Season for Lemons, Limes, and Oranges 

June has finally arrived and with it, the bounty of seasonal summer citrus fruits. With lemons, limes and oranges at peak season, it’s time to embrace this superfood trio to keep you happy, healthy, and hydrated all summer long. Whether it’s on your plate, in a smoothie, or in your water bottle, citrus fruits have long been hailed as nature’s power produce, providing our bodies with a whole host of nutrients without a lot of calories.


Lemons contain nutrients that can help support your cardiovascular health and protect against kidney stones and amenia. Additionally, lemons are high in Vitamin C, fiber and naturally beneficial plant compounds which can help lower cholesterol.

Limes are rich in Vitamin C as well, and help the immune system fight infections by attacking bacteria and viruses. They are acidic, which helps saliva break down food and stimulate good digestion.

Also boasting a high Vitamin C content , oranges contain magnesium and vitamin B6, which can help keep blood pressure under control. Additionally, one orange is equal to about 4 ounces of water, so they are also an excellent source for hydration. 

Consuming these summer citrus fruits is a great way to neutralize your body’s free radicals, which can be damaging molecules caused by exposure to chemicals, UV rays and other environmental stressors.  


As temperatures begin to soar from June onwards, it is essential to keep hydrated during the summer months. Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature, keeps the blood flowing evenly, supports brain function, lubricates the joints and supports smooth digestion. 

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to have a drink. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Dehydration can affect people of all ages and fitness levels. One of the simplest ways to check your hydration levels is with a hydration calendar, suited to your gender, age, weight and activity level. 

If drinking water has become a bore, kick your beverage up a notch with clean and healthy water flavor enhancers like True Lemon or True Lime crystallized wedge replacements. Made from real lemon and lime juice and oils and no sugar or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Nothing but real citrus goodness.

Or combine the refreshment of lemons, limes and oranges with True Lemon Triple Citrus lemonade for a new twist on the classic summer lemonade. Made with only simple, clean Non GMO ingredients, each single serving added to your water bottle is only 10 calories and contains no artificial sweeteners or ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce. An easy and delicious way to stay hydrated anytime or anywhere.

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