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Why Structural Wall Repair is a Must Thing to Do?




By the time, houses grew old. Most of the time complicated environmental changes turn a new house into an old one, and often lead to problems like structural walls damage.

Common  Signs of damaged walls

The common signs of damaged walls are 

  • Cracks on walls 
  • pierce on walls 
  • Shifted doors
  • Difficulty in opening and closing of doors and windows

When and Why structural wall repair service is necessary?

The above signs are an indication that there are some moisture related issues in the foundations that the walls have shown. A good move is to take them seriously and try to handle them on time. If you don’t do timely repair then it leads to dangerous and expensive ground resetting and rebuilding.

Reasons of Structural Wall Abnormalities

Many reasons cause the walls of a house to get ruined. They are primarily due to imbalanced moisture under the house. A healthy tree near home and its roots can disturb the water level in the soil that leads to its dryness, the leading cause of cracks in walls. 

Other issues are the material used on walls. The durability and long-lasting of these materials are a significant point in maintaining these issues. Air gaps created in walls seem to be the problem creator of uneven floor level. The biggest issue to the structure is shifted foundations

Repair of Structural Wall Issues

Here are some repair solutions that are offered by Greenville Foundation Repair agency.

Renovating the wall

Small thin hair-like cracks are seen in walls because of the shrinkage of plaster material. It is a minor problem. Repainting the wall is the simplest thing to do. The peeling wall can be renovated by finishing it with any material you like.

Crack Stitching 

Cracks of high width up to less than a quarter of an inch are considered a big problem. In old houses, plasters were the main component of walls with high air space tendencies. The cracks of the width of 5mm and below are sealed nowadays by crack stitching. It is done professionally by hiring people to use a concrete wall form.

Epoxy injections

Epoxy injections are the advanced technology to deal with a wall crack problem. It is beneficial when a crack is in a concrete wall, probably a crawl space wall. The usage is a hundred percent fruitful if there is no water leakage and the surroundings are more strong than concrete. These injections work as a filler for cracks and a superb remedy. Their cure time is very long. However, the experts say epoxy injections use them at low pressure and dry. When mixed with water, don’t give the required result.

Polyurethane injections

Another instant remedy for cracks in walls is Polyurethane injection that works like magic even for the leaking cracks. Its cure time is quick, and they act as a shield bar or resistant to moisture. In this matter, they are preferable to epoxy as their function restricts moisture.  They are a remedy for both the structural defects, internal or external. Check it on a cracked wall from both sides, and it can seal that one too.

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